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Thursday, 22 February 2018 18:17

Top Dogs of Russia 2017 Featured

Written by OD International
Main organizer of the Best Russian Dog 2017" Nicolas Pineiro, Jose Luis Ibanez Main organizer of the Best Russian Dog 2017" Nicolas Pineiro, Jose Luis Ibanez

Best Russian Dog ® ranking:

Group I (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs))
· Necessity Eduens / 1019 points /

Breed: Bearded Collie

Gender: male /
Owner: Nadezhda Rudenko 
Breeder: Pascal Derbay


Group II (Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs) - was not present at the award ceremony

· Amicus Optimus Vitalis / 2214 points / 
Breed: Leonberger 
Sex: male / 
Owner: Anna Mikhaleva 
Breeder: K. Kaskov

Group III (Terriers)

· Filisite Brash Beauty Never Lies / 1155 points / 
Breed: Scottish Terrier 
Sex: female / 
Owner: Valentina Popova
Breeder: Valentina Popova

Group IV (Dachshunds)

· Picollo Teckel Infanta / 4344 points / 
Breed: Dachshund rabbit smooth-haired 
Sex: female / 
Owner: Ekaterina Pikul
Breeder: Ekaterina Pikul

Group V (Spitz and primitive types)

· Radost Zhizni Golden Ticket / 655 points /
Breed: Samoyed 
Gender: male / 
Owner: Kiseleva Nataliya 
Breeder: Oksana Dombrovskaya


Group VI (Scent hounds and related breeds)

· Melissa Iz Terletskoy Dubravy / 1610
points / 
Breed: Dalmatian 
Sex: female / 
Owner: Valeria Chernova
Breeder: Irina Petrakova

Group VII (Pointing Dogs)

· Epithelium Dinamo / 2469 points / 
Breed: Spinone Italiano 
Sex: male / 
Owner: Irina Zemtsova
Breeder: Amadori Paolo


Group VIII (Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs)

· Bravo Messi / 1038 points /
Breed: Labrador Retriever 
Gender: male / 
Owner: Nataliya Shatrukova
Breeder: Olga Zevyakina

Group IX (Companion and Toy Dogs)

· Evak's Watermark / 4168 points /
Breed: Poodle Toy 
Gender: male / 
Owner: Anna Stepkina and Nataliya Mankova 
Breeder: Nataliya Mankova


Group X (Sighthounds)

· Solovyev Bravy Gusar / 3744 points / 
Breed: Borzoi 
Gender: male / 
Owner: Marina Ostrovskaya 
Breeder: Marina Ostrovskaya

Pride of Russia

· Andvol Pinkerton 
Breed: Welsh Corgi Pembroke 
Sex: male
Owner: Olga Shuvalova 
Breeder: Marina Volkova 
Handler: Olga Shilova



"With all heart" nominations


1. The best veterinarians:

a. Vilkovysky Ilya Fedorovich, Chief Physician of the Veterinary Centers Network "MEDVET";

b. Sereda Ilya Vladimirovich, head of the surgical department of the clinic "Centre";

2. The best guide dog: Nicolas Born To Love, a pupil of the Dog Training Center "Dogs - assistants of the disabled people";

3. The best dog therapist: Naity. The owner is Nika Mogilevskaya;

4. Best rescue dog: Gefarta Rettung Dinst, rescuer of the MES. Gefarta’s owner and conductor - Fedotkina Irina Vladimirovna, the Kazan search and rescue team of the MES rescuer;

5. Best volunteer-rescuer: Svetlana Manakova, the head of the emergency volunteers group in Moscow (search and rescue service) and the curator directions IPO-R (rescue dogs international standard);

6. Best shelter for dogs: shelter for homeless animals "Alma";

7. Best shelter for disabled dogs: the shelter "I want to get home".



"Best of the Best" nominations


Best Handler

· Nataliya Trots / Moscow / 5452 points /


Best breeder and Best Handler-owner

· Nataliya Mankova / Saint Petersburg / 5782 points / 5671 points


Best in Show

· Evak's Watermark / 1503 points /

Breed: Poodle Toy

Gender: male /

Owner: Anna Stepkina and Nataliya Mankova

Breeder: Nataliya Mankova

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