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Western Europe

Halland Show

It was a great pleasure to be invited to return to judge at the Hallands Show weekend in Tvaaker.  Hallands is a county on the west coast of Sweden and this Club really knows how to put on a super show at their wonderful Showgrounds.

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Rescuing an otterhound from France

By Helen Hacking (Otterhound Rescue co-ordinator)


It was May when I had a phone call from friends in France who have Otterhounds, to say they had been told of an Otterhound on ‘death-row’ in a French Pound. They gave me details of a web-site run by Evelyn Gorrill, an English lady in France and sure enough, the photo was definitely an Otterhound, named Dede.

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What a hell of a life!!

Ponggibonsi all breeds National Championship Show

Having judged in Tuscany before I was looking forward to this appointment. Jacqui Ward was also officiating, she was warned not to be a lightweight, and she did not let me down! 

Allessio, as always, picked us up from the airport and, as always, we did not go to the hotel.

Generally the first thing you need is hotel, unpack, shower and change. What is it about airports that leaves one sticky and feeling unclean? However when you are in Allessioís charge there is always some think more interesting to do. 

So into the town centre for a fun event on behalf of the guide dogs for the blind. We witnessed a display, where the dogs were put through their paces taking their handlers over, through and around obstacles - where are the anti dog brigade at such an exhibition!

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CAC National Show - Lohja

Peggy & I had a very nice invitation to judge at a CAC National Group 1 & Group 8 show in the town of Lohja, Finland  on the 8th of June, 2014.The show was held on a lakeside in the town and with glorious weather and setting the whole event was first class.

We stayed in the Rantasipty Kylpyla Spa Hotel in a lovely wooded area of Siuntion, the facilities, food and the hotel staff were all to a very high standard it was a perfect week end.

Peggy was to judge the Shetland Sheepdogs and the Lancashire Heelers, however, because of the number allowed by the Finnish KC to judge per day, the entry was well over, so the Shetland Sheepdog males and the Lancashire Heelers were allocated to other judges. 

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The Malta Canine Society Show

Judge’s report by Michael Gadsby

MY first visit to Malta and most certainly not my last!! I loved the island and the friendly, outgoing nature of the Maltese people... this really well run show was a pleasure to judge, with many top class exhibits on offer.

Frank Borg managed the show with his typical relaxed and friendly manner, he and the other Frank Borg stewarded ensuring all ran smoothly (yes, they do have two of them!) It was super judging outdoors on a blissfully warm evening. I would like to thank all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner.

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Europasieger Show - Dortmund

Best in Show at the Europasieger in Dortmund, Germany on 9th to 11th of May, 2014 was the Maltese,  Affair White Star Of Eternity, owned by Sabrina Scheffczyk from Germany; 
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Brabo 2014 - again one of the top shows in Belgium

Almost a heart attack. That was what happened to the President when he informed everyone how many entries came in in a couple of days prior to closing date. His Secretary told him that they hadn’t even reached 1,000 entries close to entries closing day, but in those last few days the number climbed to 2,094, and that is 37 entries more than last year.

There was also a very high number of Dachshunds, 109, and it is long time ago since we’ve seen that number at a Belgian Show. Dogs were entered from all over Europe representing 19 nationalities including Russia. The UK had 28 entries on Saturday and 38 on Sunday. Two halls were rented with enough space for 14 rings, a big main ring and a spacious resto-area, 10,000 sq.m. In the catalogue there was a page with statistics in diagram format. 

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