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Thursday, 13 December 2012 09:57


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IT ALL started in 1964, 49 shows ago, in Menen, a small town in the neighbourhood of Kortrijk. Now it is, without any doubt, the number one show in Flanders and the strongest rival of the national show of Belgium in Brussels. It is the most famous and best known in Belgium, but also in Europe.

For Britain this show has always been the most important “overseas” show. This year no less than 173 dogs crossed the Channel to participate, the fourth largest nationality  at the show and even better represented than Germany. And this accounts only for the participants of the show. The Handling Competitions for example, has its regular British competitors. Besides this, there are more judges from the UK invited than from Belgium and any other country. 

A slight decrease once more in absolute numbers for the show. We counted 2,987 entries while last year there were 3,066. The organisers claimed to have 4,500 dogs at the show, including the participants for the many competitions like Agility, Flyball, Obedience and the dogs giving demonstrations. But I counted 300 entries for Agility, 80 for Obedience. The catalogue says there were 29 countries represented and 65 judges from 16 countries. For the show I counted 42 judges and dogs from 21 different countries. These numbers are at least very confusing and difficult to control. But does it matter so much? Fact is that I am impressed by the number ring stewards, 67, and collaborators, 6o, plus the 23 members of the committee. Those people are responsible for bringing a show of this size smoothly to a good end. The degree of perfection of this show was, and still is, an example to many other shows. This show has also been copied many times for its dog-festival aspect, bringing the positive relations between man and dog into the spotlights via demonstrations of the many canine disciplines. Besides standardising of the breeds, this is one of the most important, and nowadays maybe the most important reason for organising dog shows. Guide Dogs for the Blind and Assistance Dogs for the Disabled, Sports with Obedience, Agility, Flyball and Apache, Fun with Doggy Dance (heelwork to music), everything is there to entertain the visitors. No other show is a better promotion for dogs and dog sports than the Kortrijk Eurodogshow and the entry fee offers the best value for money. The entertainment for children is amazing with one crrousel and three big bouncy castles. And for those who want to shop, the number of commercial stands is nowhere bigger than here. 

In Kortrijk one can expect some strong competition and winning BOB has a bigger value here than at other shows. It gives also a much stronger international recognition, adding “BOB or BOS or CACIB Kortrijk” to the records of your dog. And you can also find some very exotic names of judges on the list, often breed specialists and also judges that come here for the first time. From the 42 judges only 8 were Belgian judges. As mentioned before 10 came from the UK. Besides the 6 judges from Germany and the 3 from France and 3 from Italy, all others came from different countries in Europe and as far as Greece and Russia. But there was also judge from the USA and one from as far as New Zealand. Very unusual was the fact that only 10 judges officiated on both days.

Top judge on Saturday was Mrs Dianna Spavin from the UK. She had 62 Cavalier King Charles, 33 Beagles and 18 Basset Hounds. Mr Evgeni Rosenberg from Russia came close with 112 dogs (including 79 Great Danes) He judged on Sunday too but only had 34 dogs then. Mr Nikolas Vazakas from Greece was also a one-day-er. He finished Saturday after having examined 86 dogs. Mr Jean-Francois Vanaken from Belgium had a nice number of Poodles and some other breeds and that brought him altogether a total of 83 entries. Mr Hans-Karl Schneider from Germany finished his day after 82 dogs, all Pinshers and Schnauzers. Mr Van Raamsdonk, also from Belgium had 80 dogs in his ring. There were nice numbers of Leonbergers, 59, for Mr Guido Perosino from Italy, and Newfoundlands, 62, for Mr Frank Kane who finished the weekend with 164 entries, thus becoming the second most popular judge of the show. Mrs Willemine Van Deijl from Belgium had 93 dogs on Sunday and 122 in total. Mr Philip Docwra from the UK judged on Sunday only, both varieties of Bull Terriers, and finished his judging after 62 specimen. The American Staffordshires were reserved for American judge Mr William Roadhouse. He had 78 in total. Mrs Sue Jolly from Britain had the very same number, but Golden Retrievers this time while the 68 Labradors and 15 Flatcoats were reserved for Mrs Julie Bedfort-Pope from New Zealand. All the Belgian Shepherd varieties were subjected to the verdict of Mrs Bente Harlem from Norway. She had 73 in total, an amazing number. Mr Javier Sanchez from Spain is a very respected all round judge. His popularity can be read in the nice numbers he had on both days. On Saturday he had 90 dogs including 76 French Bulldogs. On Sunday the 61 Staffordshire Terriers brought his total to 79 or 169 for the whole weekend, the best score of the show. 

All BOG winners were placed for the finals and it was not easy for Mr Sanchez. It is always much easier only to pick out three. Now he needs to place a dog on number 10, 9, 8 etc. Notwithstanding the fact that these dogs won a whole Group at a prestigious show, taking place behind number 10, 9, 8 gives a false impression of having lost. That is why I am strongly in favour of placing only three. Mr Sanchez choice for 3rd place was the Beagle Ch Roeper’s Magic In The Air, a dutch 3 year old female bred and owned by Mrs Tineke Perfors.  Mrs Diane Spavin picked her out 33 Beagles to compete for BOG 6, that she won under judge Mr Niksa Lemo from Croatia. Runner-up to Best In Show went to the English Pointer, Weimpoint Keep Smilin, bred and owned in Belgium by Kristina and Edwin Lenaerts. There were 6 in competition and Keep Smilin is again a bitch, little more than a year old. The judge for the breed was Mrs Danielle Letroye-Lantin and Group Judge was Mrs Adriana Griffa from Italy. There were a lot of British victories at this show, but it was a nice surprise to see a British dog win Best In Show. Dudley & Glenys Chadwick entered their Afghan Hound in the Open Class Dogs to be judged by Mr Massimiliano Mannucci from Italy. There was pretty strong competition, 32 in total, but her Afghan won. The victory continued later on in the Group finals when Mr Evgeni Rosenberg decided to send this dog to the finals for Best In Show. And the rest we know, a fantastic trophy to take home to Britain. Afterglow is a 5 year old dog, bred by Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn. 

Let’s hope that this British win creates the hope to win next year, whereever you come from. The next Kortrijk is there Golden Jubilee Show and I can assure you, expectations are high. The committee hopes to reach 5,000 entries by turning this show into a very special one, starting with a double CACIB. Cancel any show you have on 16 and 17 November next year and book this one. You will not regret it. It will be a showbeyond expectations.

Kortrijk success


We would just like to say what a well run show Kortrijk is and how helpfull and supportive officials and committee members have always been, no matter what requests.

Axel (Afterglow Jumping Rainbows Of Sofico) who came into his own in the big ring, as he is a big ring dog, had the full support of  committee members making sure he was on time for both Group 10 and then Best in Show.

Dudley & Glenys Chadwick

Aussies meet up in Kortrijk

l With Aussie enthusiasts from Belgium, France and the UK attending the Eurodogshow, it seemed the perfect opportunity to work together to organise, for the first time, a mini display to introduce the visitors to the Australian Terrier. Everyone worked hard to make the day a success, whether it was to find photos for the display, or to translate the information into three languages. In the photo above are Marie-Francis Petry (Belgim); Noel Geerdens (Belgium); Bryan Faulkner (UK); Stash Smigielski (UK); Lynn Bell (UK) and Oriel Mitchell (France). Of course, chatting to visitors was a large part of the day - but in true Aussie style, we had a pre-Christmas lunch comprising of picnic foods from each of the different countries. Amongst the delicacies, there was the obligatory chips and mayo from Belgium - as sampled by Vince! France brought the Champagne, which appeared after he left. As to the UK - amongst the delights were bread pussing, mince pies and sausage rolls! A truly European gathering at this European Show. - Lynn Bell

Belgian English Cocker Club at Eurodogshow, Kortrijk

l It was an honour to be judged by Frank Kane, a good example of how more judges should be; always interested, making time to pose for a picture with the winners, always ready to give his opinion and good advice. For me, Hilde Provost (Troubles In Paradise) here at Kortrijk, it was exactly 20 years ago that I started showing my first Cocker Spaniel. To celebrate this, we organised a bench party and invited everybody who had entered with their Cockers, all the members of the Cocker Club, friends and family. Food and drinks galore! Finishing off the weekend, my veteran dog, Ch Moonshadow’s Prince Charming became Best Veteran in Show on Sunday (Judge Mrs Myriam Vermeire). Special thanks to OUR DOGS for the huge rosette that now has a special place in my living room. See you next year for the double CACIB show in Kortrijk. All breeds can win two CACIB in two days with two different judges. 

The Eurodogshow in Kortryjk is an ideally situated show for attending from the UK. There is plenty of room to park with only a short walk to the halls. The halls are spacious and you can always find somewhere to set cages and tables up for the dogs. 

All the information you need for halls, rings and times of judging is posted on the website prior to the show which is most helpful.

The organisers, helpers and exhibitors are friendly and helpful and you get a very warm welcome when attending this show. I would recommend a trip to this show and will of course be attending again next year. 

There were three in our group and we took 8 dogs:

Sarah McGill’s PWD, Ch Rarjo Revolution at Winterkloud, CAC, CACIB, BOB. PWD, Winterkloud Mad Moments, Best Junior Powder Puff, 1st in Junior Affenpinscher CAC, CACIB, BOB and shortlisted in Group 

Rachael Reddin’s PWD, Ch Rarjo She’s The One CAC, CACIB. PWD Ch Rarjo Scouting For Girls RCAC, RCACIB. PWD Rarjo For Your Eyes Only 2nd and Excellent. BFDB Tameron Jacobs Creek CAC, CACIB, BOB handled by my son Byron Williams. 

Oh and of course there is always a smiling happy face at the Our Dogs stand where you are always welcome to stop and have a little chat.

Rachael Reddin

The Eurodogshow in Courtrai is a great show: very well organised and with huge entries.

I was quite surprised with the important Leonberger entries as well. A high number of dogs were waiting for my judgement, probably because of the specialized approach. Not only Belgian dogs but English, Germans, French, Ducth entered my ring. In fact, the winners were two English dogs.

In general, the quality did not seem sublime. I think the breed is going through a difficult time, almost everywhere. There are, in my opinion, a number of emerging faults, some of which relate to the type. These are really an alarm, especially when involving dogs that have become famous and have been very rewarded, sometimes even by specialists. A situation that requires our full attention. 

I try to list the points that most impressed me, and I wish to emphasise here: I found only a few correct heads and expressions. Many dogs have a head too light and with a conical shape. Ears are often carried incorrectly and I found a lot of eyes with a light colour of the iris . 

The thing that worries me most, however, was the lack of bone and  narrow trunks giving the image of the Shepherd type. But also insufficient length of hair and many, too many, faults in construction and anatomy. This thing has a negative impact on the movement that only in rare cases was sufficient. 

One dog, showed in the highest class, was not suitable type, not only because of an incorrect head and expression and the short hair but especially for the main body proportions: the Leonberger is never inscribed into a square, like a Belgian Shepherd, but he has to be longer than taller and the topline is never rampant but rather flat. Although it is nice to see prominent withers, higher than the croup, a prancing topline is a not typical feature of the Leonberger.

Of course I could also see excellent subjects, in type and quality, with nice morphology.

The best class was the Open class males where at least 3 dogs were truly nice. It is a pity that one of them, a great dog with great type, did not want to properly move and never stopped pacing: he had a lovely head and the good size, body proportions and bone with a beautiful coat.

The winner of this class, an English dog, was then the Best of Sex: Louise Baldwins'  Lionscourt Coeur De Lion Of Brynarian. He is a huge dog for  size and bone, with a lovely coat and warm colour, the expressive head and expression, the good mask and the quite good movement. The topline was better when standing rather than moving and rear angulations could be a bit more marked up.

The Best of Breed was a female, coming from the UK: Penny Dabell's Vectiseleon Rian Daxia. She has got quite an important construction with a large body and bones. The head is just lovely with a quite an expression that would be even better with darker eyes. Topline should be tider while standing but in movement was strong enough. The lovely type, the excellent rear angulations, the long and well coloured coat with a very dark mask made her the final winner. Nevertheless, I have to remark that with such a bone she should be much stronger at front pasterns that you can see are still weak; her movement was long with a good drive, though. In general the feminine and graceful expression on such a big body were truly pleasant.

Guido Perosino

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