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Thursday, 07 May 2015 14:08

Malta CS 2015

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It was a delight to be back in Malta again to Judge at the the Malta CS Ch Show on the 11th & 12th April. This was my third visit to the Island and this time I was invited to do five Groups plus BIS.

BIS - Wire Fox Terrier - 11th & 12th April

Best in Show at the Malta CS April Show was the Wire Fox Terrier, Mastini Di Rihana Goes To Casino, owned by I. Calleja and J. Schembri. Reserve BIS was the Keeshone, Gatt’s Ch/Eng Ch Neradmik Late Night Love. BIS Judge was Ernie Paterson (UK).

It was a delight to be back in Malta again to Judge at the the Malta CS Ch Show on the 11th & 12th April. This was my third visit to the Island and this time I was invited to do five Groups plus BIS. The Gundogs were judged by Phil Young of Cocker Fame. I would like to thank the Society for their hospitality which is second to none. The Show is held in a Sports Complex with a very large ring and Judging is based on the UK System but without a Pastoral Group.

Overall the exhibitors are a very sporting crowd and though numbers are not large, the main winners in most breeds were of a high standard making for strong Groups and a very impressive line-up for the main awards. Best In Show was strongly contested but finally went to the winner of the Terrier Group which was the Wire Fox Terrier owned by I. Calleja & J. Schembri, Mastini Di Rihana Goes To Casino, all Travella breeding and looks the part lovely head and eye first rate front strong neck, short back and tail bang on quarters are well angulated with good muscletone.

Looks the part when stacked and didn't disappoint on the move particularly going away very sound and positive. Reserve Best In Show was the Keeshond from the Utility Group, V. Gatt’s Ch/Eng Ch Neradmik Late Night Love. What a lovely bitch this is, in full bloom beautiful head and expression just enough bone and excellent feet, good angulation front and rear. Well ribbed up, firm topline and good colour and tail set. Brisk free action just not as settled as the Wire but very close up.

Best Puppy in Show was a lovely Pug, J. Spiteri’s Deandra Buttons. 9 month male, lovely head, well set ear, very good for bone and feet, strong well made body good ribbing. Nice even colour good tail and quarters very positive on the move looked good in profile. Reserve Best Puppy in Show was O. Manicaro’s GSD, Vegas Von Dimovo Haus. Presents very well when stacked excellent head and expression, clean neck and shoulders firm topline without exaggeration, hindquarters are strong and hocks not overdone.

Took time to settle but when he did he moved with reach in front and power behind. Too be critical, I wouldn't want him any bigger.

Best Junior in Show was Galea’s Pointer, High Point Carpe Diem. Very stylish bitch, scores in head and expression, first rate front and feet, good in neck and shoulder, excellent body properties and good angulation in rear, used to advantage on the move, where she scored over the others.

Reserve Best Junior in Show went to the American Staffordshire Terrier, owned by J. Borg, Cukibukis Ever After. Smart young dog, good in head and expression, excellent front and feet, deep well made body. Topline is firm and held well on the move, which was strong and powerful with good reach and drive.

Best locally bred was J. Joyce’s Smoothcoat Chihuahua, Cragarnat Steward Little. Very smart male, good in head ears and mouth, just right for bone body is strong and well made for size, as are hindquarters, he moved out briskly with precision and was very well handled by his young handler. Toy Group winner was S. Bonett’s Pomeranian, Danstal Kom Perry Gold. Correct proportions to body for breed, dark eyes with lovely expression, good mouth, enough bone and good feet. Well set and carried tail, just enough angulation behind, moved out smartly here.

Reserve Best Toy was the Pug owned by J. Spiteri, Deandra Strawberry Cake. Well balanced bitch, well put together and handles very well, strong bone, nice shoulder angulation, firm topline, good set on and well carried tail. Typical action on the move very sound. Toy Puppy (Pug who was BPIS). Reserve Best Puppy Toy was the Pekingese owned by D. Mifsud, Klerkshof Cracker Jack. Excellent head with dark pigment, clean open nostrils, strong well made body, picks up heavy, good shape and moved very well.

Best Toy Junior was J. Spiteri’s Pug, Deandra Emma. Looks good when stacked and didn't disappoint when handled, has a lovely head and pigment, strong neck and very good body developing just about right in hindquarters and moved out so well with good reach in front and sufficient drive behind. Reserve Best Toy Junior was the Pomeranian owned by C. Delia, Grand Iz Ruzy Yahoo. Smart young dog, liked his head and eye, good bone and nice feet, scores in shoulder and topline very nice coat texture and liked his angulation behind. He moved out well and looked good when stacked, would have liked him a little shorter in body. Terrier Group won by the WFT (BIS).

Reserve in the Terrier Group was T. Barker’s Irish Terrier, Kells Touch Of Fleet Street. Racey, excellent front and shoulders, good in body and hindquarters firm topline, looked very good when stacked. Moved very well but lacked a little enthusiasm. Terrier Puppy group winner was D. Sciberras’ Scottish Terrier, Filiate Brash Time With You. Feminine, good head and ear placement, strong bone, low slung body with good ribs, moved very smartly when settled. Coat a little soft at this stage.

Reserve in the Terrier Puppy Group was A. Mallia’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Neterex Dolce Vita. Very good head and eye, strong neck and well laid shoulder enough bone and good feet, good on the move both ways, hope she has finished growing.

Terrier Junior was the American Staffordshire (see Reserve Best Junior in Show above). Utility Group won by the Keeshond who was Reserve Best in Show.

Reserve in the Utility Group and Best Utility Junior and was P. Pellegrini’s French Bulldog, Novizala Black Bull. Very well put together, lovely head and eye well placed and used ears, strong bone and feet, good topline, nice angulation in rear, moved with good drive from rear and sound right through would have liked him cleaner through the shoulder and neck.

Utility Puppy, the Keeshond owned also by V. Gatt, Samkees Purrsonal Love. Daughter of the RBIS winner, ultra smart with a gorgeous head and eye, well laid shoulder with good neck. Scores for bone and feet, coat developing well just needs to clear enough angulation behind and moved out very well both ways. Reserve Best Utility puppy was J. Borg’s Shar Pei, Wings Of Campus Range Rover.

Liked this youngster a lot but he gave his handler a hard time, lovely head and padding, excellent pigment, good bone, feet and body, showed could move when settled, will have a bright future when he settles to the task. Hound Group winner was K. Carabott’s Afghan Hound, Ch Gold N Copper Diamonds For Men. Very glamorous and good to go over, has the desired expression, strong bone and lovely feet. Shoulders and topline good, correct tail and well angulated behind, went very well here but didn't put all in on the second day.

Reserve Best Hound was the Whippet owned by D. Sciberras, Ch Absolute Man I'm Loving It. Very free moving, scores in head and expression overall good outline, clean neck and shoulders, well angulated front and rear, close up to winner. Hound Puppy Group winner was S. Mercieca’s Saluki, Baribals Idris. Excellent overall balance, very nice head and expression, good bone and feet, correct shoulders,clean neck and very good topline. Well angulated behind and lovely free mover.

Reserve Best Puppy Hound was L. Micallef’s Beagle, Isoria Biscuit. Good for size and balance, soft expression, nice bone and feet, just a little sluggish on the move today. Hound Junior Group winner was Grech/Zahra’s Beagle, Barbican Pack Stars And Stripes. Scores in head and eye and overall very well balanced, strong well made body with good topline and tail, well angulated both ends and uses herself well on the move, would have like a little more of her all over.

Working Group winner was R. Farrugia’s Alaskan Malamute, Am Ch Palemoons Rivendell Fire Starter. Strong, well made, lovely head and expression, well placed ear. Strong bone with excellent feet, good shoulders and neck, deep well made body, correct topline and well set tail, very sound free mover.

Not in his best coat which cost him later for higher award. Reserve Best in the Working Group was the GSD owned by C. Grixti, Kassieger Firenze. Medium sized with excellent overall balance, good in head and mouth, strong neck with good shoulders, bone and feet ok. Body is moderate with no exaggeration, very good temperament, moved with a free action and looked good in profile. Working Puppy won by the GSD who was Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Reserve in the Working Puppy Group was the Boxer owned by S. Genovese, Eros Del Laya Von Bullen.

Very smart raw baby, already presents with a very nice outline, head developing well and has a good mouth, good shoulders and lovely neck firm topline maintained on the move. Strong well angulated quarters used to advantage on the move. Should finish well when mature.

Working Junior Group won by J. Borg’s Bullmastiff, Cane Guardian Keep Rocking. Well made bitch lovely head and eye strong bone, excellent shoulders and neck, body is deep and well made and she has good quarters another very good mover. Reserve Best Junior Working was the Rottweiler owned by G. Baldacchino, Moli Vom Hause Niveksue.

Medium sized with a feminine head, good pigmentation and colour, well off for bone strong neck, well placed shoulder, used herself well on the move, both coming and going. Junior Handler was Kimberley Sciberras Scott. Very professional handler. Both her charges showed off to advantage without fuss. Ernie Paterson - Judge


Philip Young – Gundogs

I would like to thank the Society and exhibitors for taking my decisions sportingly. Best Gundog: J. Galea’s Bracco Italiano, Ch Ciclone, lovely example of the breed, excels in head and body, moved very well holding a strong topline at all times, showing very strong quarters as he powered around the ring. Handled well.

Reserve Best Gundog was the Pointer, Highpoint Carpe Diem, also owned by J. Galea. Loved this dog's head, good neck and shoulders, correct bone, only beaten by the Bracco on maturity and movement, deep well balanced in body, very good example of the breed. Was also Best Junior Gundog and delighted to see her win Best Junior in Show.

Best Gundog Puppy: J. Galea’s Pointer, Pipeaway Enrico Donati. Again owns a lovely head, good in body and topline, moves soundly, just needs to mature and should have a bright future. Res Gundog Puppy: J. Cross’ Cocker Spaniel, red bitch of good type, pleasing head, good dark eye, balanced outline, nicely boned with substance but not coarse, strong quarters and moved well, lovely presentation.

Best Gundog Junior: Highpoint Carpe Diem, Pointer, which was Reserve Best Gundog. Reserve Gundog Junior: Spagnol’s GSP, High High Santa Claus. Black, well made although, excels in body, good bone, correct topline, strong in neck, shoulders and quarters, moved well.

Philip Young (Judge)
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