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Monday, 15 June 2015 11:09

World Dog Show 2015

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The Best in Show Winner of the World Dog Show 2015 was the Bearded Collie, Ops I did it again del Cuore Impavido. Bred by Italian Filippo Ripoly and pictured here with owner & handler Klimova Olga from Russia. 

BIS was awarded to the Bearded Collie
Best In Show was awarded to the Bearded Collie, Ops I Did It Again Del Cuore Impavido, owned and handled by, Olga Klimova (Russia). The group Judge was Hjorth Leif Ragnar from Norway, and Best in Show was judged by Francesco Balducci from Italy. Pictured from left to right are: President of the FCI Rafael De Santiago, ENCI President Dino Muto, Olga, Rony (Best in Show winner!), Vince Hogan (Our Dogs Media Partner) and Clemente Grosso (Vice President of ENCI).

World Show success for Enci

The FCI world show finished in Milan last Sunday night and if you didn’t know that, then you must have been somewhere on another planet or in the jungle in Borneo! 

This show has been the talk of the canine world and also after many months of people wondering how it would all be in Milan, the reaction is plain to read…. Bravissimi, complimenti a tutti, and about the ENCI team….Grandissima squadra! 

Yes there were some individual issues in some rings and for some judging, but the overall impression was that ENCI had pulled it off! The show ran over five days with club shows and our photos on these pages will give you an impression of the interest not only from the UK, but worldwide, including more exhibitors from the Far East.

OUR DOGS will be covering the show in depth in a special issue in July and of course we were pleased to be the official media partner of the whole event. So our major report will appear then but for now we leave the final words to the popular and delightful owner handler of Rony the Beardie, Olga Klimova from Russia.

An emotional Olga told OUR DOGS “We’ve arrived home! I'm speechless… and actually we still didn't realise what has happened... Should I tell that we're in the clouds? ‘It's Rony's BEST IN SHOW #20 and actually also CACIB number 60! I'm the happiest owner in the World! ‘I just want to say THANK YOU to the judges, who brought Rony on the TOP! Mr. Ronald Irving (breed), Mr. Hjorth Leif Ragnar (group) and Mr. Francesco Balducci(BIS)! ‘THANK YOU to all my friends, to my family, to my Stefano Serafini and to Rony's breeder Filippo Ripoli, who supported and was with us there during each moment of this amazing event!

Thanks to Vince Hogan and Kerry Rushby from OUR DOGS for all their help after the best in Show and always! ‘I also should say that I'm VERY proud to be the first Russian in dog show history, to win BIS at the WDS! ‘This is unforgettable emotion that I can't express in words... ‘Thanks again to everyone who supported Rony.

Love you all I promise to answer on all messages but before we need to take a bit of rest!” What else do you need to say?

Vince Hogan

Group Winners

Ronnie Irving writes

For various reasons I was only able to attend the FCI World Dog Show in Milan last weekend for about one and a half days of the four days of its duration.

Shows in total ran for five days – with another day in advance for some of the various club shows surrounding the event. The thing that struck me this year was the sheer size and scale of both the event itself and the halls that housed it. They were vast and there was plenty of space. The show itself only used part of the exhibition space at the Fiera Milano. We were told in advance that the six halls to be used would cover 25 acres – the same area that Crufts covers.

The fact that Club shows and the FCI WDS were all being held in the same venue meant that with 19,927 dogs at the WDS and 9,516 at the Club Shows – on some of the days no fewer than 91 rings were in operation in six separate halls. The show of course has many more breeds than the 210 we have here in the UK and sported 392 breeds or varieties from 68 individual countries.

The timing of the shows seemed to go pretty well. The breed with the biggest entry of 440 dogs was American Stafford’s and the area around the ring was packed and heated, even in the air conditioned halls. Tempers flared at one stage! The judge Rade Dakic from Serbia was forced to suspend judging for a while to let things calm down! There were also some incidents at the Neapolitan Mastiff ring, but other than that things seemed to go well.

Bearded Collie success As a judge I was down to officiate in Bearded Collies on the last day of the show. (No fights in my ring I’m happy to say!) The ring was a very good one and I had three stewards who also did a great job. (Imagine the training required to prepare stewards for over 90 rings and also to have to deal with judges in several different languages!) The quality of the entry of 80 was very high with no fewer than 24 entries in the champion classes alone. Most of the dogs, including the winners, had rather too much coat but that seems to be the way of the world these days!

The Bitch CACIB went to the British owned French bred bitch Ch Victory Wind’s Ghost Whisperer for Snowmead which of course I had judged before as one of the last seven Group winners in the Best in Show Ring at Crufts this year. The Dog CACIB, and eventually Best of Breed, went to a dog which is Italian bred and Russian owned – Ch Oops I Did It Again del Cuore Impavido (known as “Rony”). 

I was pleased to hear on my way home that he had gone on to win both the Group and then Best in Show, a piece of news that is always satisfying for any breed judge to hear. Very well done one and all for what appears to have been a very successful event. l Editor’s note: Definitely a case of the Two Ronnies!

Other Winners

Thomas Wastiaux writes with a European perspective

Back from the World Dog show..... and a few comments with the good and bad points from Milan.

I think it was one of the nicest WDS we have ever been to, lots of positive points which we saw, parking not too far, entrance for dogs was fluid, good control with vets, officials were also present to solve problems, big rings, amazing cool temperature inside the halls, enough space to walk around, great main ring with correct colour of carpet, perfect music, speakers did a great job and Linda’s dresses were as always perfect (Linda is the speaker), excellent live streaming, results online...really a lot of good points hoping that the future WDS can continue in this way. Some positive points and of course fun with friends!

Now let's put some points which I didn't like.... Milan is expensive... Italians still have an ‘interesting way of driving’. At the show, when will people learn to clean after their dogs? I can't understand those who go around and do not clean?

It would almost like Paris World Show which was infamous. The worst was inside the lift of our hotel. Believe me if I was a hotel manager I would not allow dogs after such people came to ruin my hotel. We were collecting money for the Russian people who died but we did not get support for this on our stand. However, there is now a fund where you can contribute.

I would like to thank the ENCI who decided to send back the entry fees for the dogs to the families....small helps , it was just what we were all asking.

A last note, to conclude on a positive one....huge congrats to Olga Klimova for her BIS, a great dog in perfect condition , we are happy for her and yes the prizes for BIS were just amazing !!!

See you in Moscow in 2016.

Cheers! Saluti! Grazie!

Enci President Dino Muto and Vice President Clemente Grosso celebrate with the entire Enci team on the podium after Best in Show, together with the winner from Russia, Olga Klimova and Bearded Collie, Rony. Congratulations from Our Dogs for a job well done

Obedience Team Results

1. Place -   Finland (802 points)Christa Enqvist- PukkilaTending Able Tiger272.25Riitta KivimäkiSomollis Tikka269Oili HuotariTending Occult261.25


2. Place -   Germany (786 points)Sandra RohrerI'm Freezer vom Chiemgauer Ländchen271Shauna WenzelCedric cherish chances von der kleinen Arche262Birgit LacherGwendolyn from Carolyn's Home253.25


3. Place -   Norway (773 points)Aina RøineKylie N 53375/11 (Røine)266.5Line Fatland FrøystadHarry-Pepper255.75Hege BakkeDespina Galdr251


4. Place -   Sweden (765 points)Helena LindholmSörgoldens Picknick264.5Carin BengtssonVallhunden Lyxa252.75Elenor EdbergHexgårdens Mexx248.25


5. Place -   Italy (757 points)Cacciatore SilviaTending Highlight265.5Christian AsirelliArgo248.75Anna Maria CiniErak la Maschera di Ferro243.5


6. Place -   Russia (755 points)Fedorova GalinaWonder Westspacy259.5Fedorova GalinaDesh Miracle252Gurova EkaterinaNafani Fast Flying Witch243.5


7. Place -   Poland (715 points)Kamila BurynAki Line M'devi241.25Joanna HeweltTending Tough240.75Jędrzej KalinowskiNasty Alchera233


8. Place -   Spain (706 points)Sheila de la Iglesia RiveroMoss LOE 1899053 (Rivero)253Gonzalo Figueroa CouñagoU-La A Preta da Toca do Lobo232.25Daniel Pardos MarínSilver del Xiquet Perdut221.5


9. Place -   Austria (705 points)Bettina OgrisZoe of Jennifer´s Bonfire238.5Beate BiesenbachBlackthorn Ceginus236.5Emanuel HetychHigh Working B C Jersey230.5


10. Place -   France (703 points)Florenson ChristelleDouce Folie243.75Castagna CorinneCassis Menthe232.25Geeraert SergeDenise de Vulcain227.5


11. Place -   Denmark (692 points)Miriam SøndergaardCasey260.25Birgitte BrüelTiger248.75Siri JungersenVeam's Step183.5


12. Place -   Switzerland (684 points)Silvia AeberhardLittle Luke of Noble County239.75Monika BalleriniJumping Kiwis Breeze232.75Etienne StuderRonya High Ridge211.5


13. Place -   Estonia (647 points)Natalia GarastsenkoMaeglin Hurricane232.25Anne TammiksaluTending Eagle-Eyed230Svetlana ZolotnikovaBorn To Win From Amber Lat184.75


14. Place -   Belgium (630 points)Nathalie KiefferElianto222.75Robert FromEnouck213.25Boudt MarcRound Robin I'am Jacksson194.5


15. Place -   Ukraine (610 points)Maryna NemchenkoExtra Zoterhof232Tiutiunnyk NataliaNafani Celika213Artem PodlinMontmorency of Black&Chocolate165.75


16. Place -   Czech Republic (608 points)Kristyna VojkovskaNever Never Land Va Va Voom203Ladislava RichterovaCat Ballow Hardy Horde203Dana ValesovaAndromeda Sub Tilia202.25


17. Place -   Latvia (589 points)Irina PopjonokaSilver Sky Reima219.25Vladislava AkimovaIngardia Absolute191.25Irina PopjonokaReicel Tropic Chans178.75


18. Place -   Japan (553 points)Noriko SakanoMoon Fairy Of Reddish Brown JP201.25Miwa WatanabeSirius Of Little Jugglery179.25Jun NishiyamaBeatrice of Yumeka Brand JP172.75


19. Place -   Portugal (532 points)Carla RibeiroDoubleuse One In A Million183.5Pedro AraújoDeena deep in my soul von der kleinen Arche176.5Alexandre SilvaMinc LOP 419473 (Silva)172.25


20. Place -   Slovenia (345 points)Stasa PardubskyGina du Fond des Camps176.25Stasa PardubskyJappeloup Berger Fort et Posé169.25


21. Place -   Netherlands (199 points)Ellen van DortRyan NHSB 2869363 (van Dort)199.5

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