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Friday, 18 January 2019

Dutch KC fights for dog shows

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The Vice-President of the Dutch Kennel Club has pledged to fight for dog showing after the sport came in for a number of attacks from people opposed to it last year.

The World Dog Show was being held in Amsterdam in 2018 and there were calls to ban dog shows in the Dutch capital whilst the show was taking place. The GroenLinks party in Amsterdam, the local Green party, believed that dog shows are, ‘too stressful for dogs.’ They were also concerned about the transmission of inherited diseases from dogs at the show. GroenLinks council member Imane Nadif put in written questions to the Mayor and Alderman of the city asserting that dogs show ‘no natural behaviour’ during dog shows. As a result of this question the council decided that because of the welfare of the animals the city will reduce the number of events that can take place with animals in Amsterdam. This decision makes the organising of dog shows in the city very difficult. The Amsterdam Winnershow that took place last month could be the last dog show to take place in the city.


A Group called Dier & Richt (Animal & Law) launched a petition calling for dog shows to be banned in The Netherlands. It said on its website it want to fight what it calls, ‘a purebred war.’ In their petition they say, ‘Dog shows are detrimental to the well-being and health of dogs. Dog shows cause chronic stress. Moreover, dog shows contribute to the already sick appearance and worsen inbreeding. Winners on the show are often losers in terms of health. Vice President Albert Hensema, who gave the traditional New Year’s speech in the absence (because of illness) of the Chairman Jack Alberts, sought to defend dog showing from these attacks. He said, ‘We had a world dog event that attracted interest from many supporters. The municipality of Amsterdam came up with a statement in the summer to work on a ban on keeping events with animals in the Municipality of Amsterdam. ‘A direct link was made with our WDS and animal welfare would not be properly secured there. Dier en Recht added some scoops on top of that. ‘The Board of Directors has responded forcefully and factually to the municipality and also towards Animal and Law. The media attention for one dog event has never been as big as this summer. ‘Fortunately, our spokespersons succeeded in showing and telling the true story behind our passion and hobby, loving dogs. ‘For many of our foreign guests it was not always easy to comply with Dutch policy on enforcement animal welfare and how we shape this in the Netherlands. ‘As the Board of Directors, we have not made any concessions here and our motto was: We like being a host country, but we support our policy and also the Dutch standards and value apply during a World Show. ‘With great respect and appreciation, I would also like to thank the people of the dog welfare team and my management colleagues during the show who had problems with enforcement. It has certainly not always been easy.


‘The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) has indicated they have confidence that animal welfare is safeguarded during dog shows and it does not intend to ban dog shows in the Netherlands. ‘We are happy to cooperate with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in good faith. We do not always agree, but we understand each others’ views and insights. ‘We will have to be constantly on the alert when it comes to the position of the pedigree dog in the Netherlands. We should not dwell too long on our successes, because there will always be organizations in the future who will want to attack our dogs and our breeders.’ He also announced that the Dutch Kennel Club would not be going to the World Dog Show in China. Also, they will not be going to the bi-ennial FCI meeting in Shanghai as this is connected to the World Dog Show.

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