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Just do it! CKU Charity


Established in 2015 by China Kennel Union (CKU), CKU Charity is a special program focusing on companion animal culture popularization and animal welfare promotion. Meantime, as the regular sponsor of China Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA),

dozens of influential activities have been held together by CKU and CSAPA. CKU staff and members have been actively involved and the animal protection concept is spread all over the country.

In the past two years, CKU Charity explored many ways for practice and resulted in three key aspects which are project implementation, charitable behavior support and charity concept popularization. CKU Charity and CSAPA worked, studied and improved together as well as facing challenges and opportunities together.

By December 31, 2016, CKU Charity has helped 12692 stray animals, recruited 1021 volunteers, received 2322 phone calls home and aboard and covered 46 cities by way of activities.


I . Animal Sanctuary

CSAPA Animal Sanctuary is fully funded by CKU Charity and is regarded as an essential part of CKU Charity practice. By the end of 2016, there are totally 734 small animals at Animal Sanctuary, which includes 719 dogs, 12 cats and 3 other animals.

From the maintenance of the dog kennels to the construction of the Kitty Fairyland, we gradually improve their living conditions. We have also established the animal information management system as all dogs and cats here were injected with chips, their exclusive "ID", with which we can supervise and look after them in a more scientific and effective way.

Considering their health and putting an end to their miserable stray fate, CKU Charity, with the help of volunteers, conducted sterilization operation for the dogs and cats. We also quarterly have the repellent and immunity for animals to guarantee their health.

The Animal Sanctuary made an “Open Day” when volunteers and other animal lovers could come here to help for the betterment of the stray animals’ welfare.


II. Stray Dogs Training Program

The CKU Charity launched the "Stray Dogs Training Program" with the joint effort of CSAPA and the program was conducted through 2015 and 2016.

On December 25, 2014, CKU Charity launched the "Stray Dogs Training Program" with the joint effort of CSAPA. The first step was to select ten dogs from the Animal Sanctuary by CKU behavior trainers and then send them to a professional training school where they could be trained to be an excellent working dog based on their individual strengths and talents.

We are so pleased to see that two of the ten dogs have turned to be two qualified working dogs and ready for duty; another two have been trained as therapy dogs, well prepared for their role of "heart doctor"; and another five have successfully fitted themselves into the adopting family as companion dogs.

"Stray Dogs Training Program" also spreads its influence to the seniors. Their companionship and kindness has comforted and warmed those lonely hearts. Two working dogs trained through the program went through the strict examinations conducted by Taiwan Animal and Plant Epidemic Prevention & Quarantine & Inspection Bureau, winning unanimous approval with their professional performance.

We do hope people can pay more attention to stray dogs and change their thoughts on them through this program. We advise every dog lover to know more about dogs around you and never abandon them because of their defects on character and behavior.


III. “Love • Home” Adoption Program

Since 2015, the Animal Sanctuary opens to the public for adoption. Those lovely dogs and cats have the opportunity to go back to home.

We made strict adopting processes and rules to make sure those stray animals will not be abandoned again and can be loved from that day. An adopting ceremony is also held each time as we truly hope their new owners love them every day since then.

We organized events such as charitable grooming, makeover shows and lectures about health care to attract more people to involve themselves in the adoption team.

By December 31, 2016, we have received thousands of adoption applications around the country and have successfully found homes for 35 dogs.


IV. Children Education Program: “Grow up together with love”

Children Education Program comes from the activity “Grow up together with love” by CKU Charity in 2015. In this program, we practiced our concept of animal protection by organizing activities like children art competition, children painting exhibition and donation, which could teach children how to get along with animals.

“Kindness Needs Guidance & Love Needs Nurture.” The program was launched in 2015, and by the end of 2016, we have organized more than ten education activities and spread our concept of “being kind and respect life” across campus, also to the kids. Hundreds of kids and parents took part in hand-making and painting event to help raise money for the stray animals.


V. Volunteers

Volunteers of CKU Charity have fulfilled its function by various practical activities. Since the establishment, the number of volunteers has reached over 1,000 including CKU members, dog or cat lovers, college students, etc. With their efforts, almost one hundred volunteer service activities have been conducted to promote the concept of animal welfare.

By December 31, 2016, the CKU Charity have regularly carried out fundraising, auction and other donation activities with an amount of more than 100,000 RMB as well as other materials or necessities, more than 10,000 pieces in total.


VI. Companion Animal Culture Exhibition

In May 2016, CKU Charity launched the first national companion animal culture promoting project—The Friends in Etiquette and Custom. This project has been put into practice in more than 10 cities, including Nanning, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Langfang and Hechi, which gained society’s support and recognition and affected almost half a million people directly or indirectly.

By various forms of charity activities online or offline, using static culture exhibition, loving video station, photographic exhibition, working dogs’ show and many other events, we publicized the knowledge on companion animals, promoted animal protection concept and improved the welfare of animals in China.

There is another online activity together with Companion Animal Culture Exhibition, a legislative vote on animal abuse law, which got 165,000 people of supporting votes in the first month and then signature move followed in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Weifang and other cities.


VII. China Rabies Control Program

In 2016, CKU Charity and Merck & Co.,Inc. joined up in CRC Project to inject vaccine for the animals in Chinese animal shelters, and popularized the knowledge about rabies vaccine.

CRC Project started lasted 108 days and covering 3 province-level municipalities, 2 autonomous regions, 12 provinces and 23 cities. And there are also 15 MSD distributors, 39 animal protection organizations and hundreds of people from 71 epidemic stations and animal hospitals involving themselves in this project through which more than 11,913 stray dogs and cats have been vaccinated.

CRC Project has drawn a wide attention in the whole society right from the beginning and was reported by local press and media, having a positive effect, direct or indirect, on 50,000 people nearly.

CKU Charity will continue to organize similar influential event in the future.

Respect life from heart.
Never stop promoting animal welfare!
We ask for support from more people and organizations!
Voice for animals!
We are taking actions!

CKU Chinese Kennel Club

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