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World Dog Show Germany 2017

Written by VDH
  • We are pleased that the FCI has given the VDH the honorable and ambitious task of hosting the World Dog Show 2017. The World Dog Show will take place in Leipzig from 9 to 12 November 2017 and be the seventh World Dog show held in Germany (1935, 1956, 1973, 1981, 1991, 2003 and 2017).

    Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich
    President of the VDH

    The day before the World Dog Show, the VDH will hold the German Winner Show on 8 November 2017 in the same location and not in August as originally planned. The VDH is happy to stage the World Dog Show at one of the largest and most modern exhibition sites in Europe - the Leipzig Trade Fair.

    Leipzig lies in the heart of Europe and offers outstanding transport services with an excellent motorway network. Leipzig-Halle airport is just a few kilometres from the exhibition grounds and its own local railway station provides a direct connection to the Leipzig main railway station.

    Leipzig has become well established as a host venue for dog shows over the decades and enjoys an excellent reputation among exhibitors. As a city of culture, Leipzig is itself also a touristic highlight. Barely any other city boasts such a great tradition of music as Leipzig. Names such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy or Richard Wagner are inextricably associated with Leipzig.

    In the historical city centre the unique arcades and trading courts, the modern shops and the railway station mall at this major railway terminus are a real treat for those wanting to shop or those who enjoy a wander around.

    The well experienced VDH organization-team will ensure the staging of an event worthy of the World Dog Show. Leipzig will be a festival for the dogs and we warmly invite you to join in the celebrations!

    NEW World record for Leipzig - Over 31,000 dogs on show in German

    FOLLOWING AN enforced move from Ecuador to Germany, it was unsure as to how the world show entries would stack up this year. However, in a press release issued by the VDH, the German Kennel Club, the figures speak for themselves as a gigantic world show is looming large in Leipzig in a few weeks’ time.

    With the record number of 24,692 total entries, the World Dog Show taking place from 9–12 November is not just the biggest dog show in the world, but the largest that has ever been held in the history of the World Canine Organisation (FCI).

    The VDH press release goes on to say: ‘It will be the cynological highlight of the year. Over 31,000 dogs from 73 nations will come together in Leipzig for the world’s most important breed shows. The judges will be looking for dogs in robust health and with exemplary behaviour that epitomize the functions of their breeds. The victors will carry off coveted titles – especially the World Winner.’

    The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) assigns the World Dog Show to a different member country each year and the 2017 show was originally set to take place in Ecuador, but that plan had to be abandoned after the earthquake there in 2016. The VDH stepped into the breach and had just about sixteen months to organise the World Dog Show. In light of the haste involved, the organisers in Germany are all the more delighted by the record-breaking number of entries they have received; news had been coming out over the last few weeks that the figures were looking good.

    ‘We weren’t expecting a show here to attract such a gigantic response,” VDH President Professor Peter Friedrich comments, “and we are honoured to find ourselves now hosting the biggest ever show in the history of the FCI.’

    Leipzig Show Ground - Leipziger Messe

    Previous record

    The previous record had been held by the World Dog Show in Paris with 21,588 entries. Of course, the VDH is well used to organising major events such as the recent Hund and Pferd (Dog and Horse show) in Dortmund covered inside this week’s OUR DOGS. In fact this is the seventh World Dog Show to have been held in Germany since 1935.

    The VDH release states ‘In addition to the World Dog Show with its 24,692 competitors, the VDH is also organizing a jam-packed programme of fringe events at the Leipzig Trade Fair. The ball will get rolling on 8 November with the German Winner Show. 6,423 dogs are entered for the show and dog lovers will also be enthralled by various dog sport events. 110 dogs will compete in the Dog Dancing World Championships in the Heelwork to Music and Freestyle categories. The German Agility Championships and an international agility tournament with over 350 competitors will be held and so will the European Dog Diving Championships.

    ‘Juniors will also have opportunities to test their mettle in Leipzig. In the Junior Handling World Championships, juniors from 35 countries will demonstrate how to present dogs correctly. The programme of fringe events offers a tremendous mix of information and entertainment and will feature some top-class stars. Police dogs and hunting and herding dogs will show off their skills in the large arena with 1,800 seats in Hall 1, and attractive modern sports will be represented in the form of dog Frisbee and Flyball. Visitors interested in getting a dog of their own can chat to people at 48 different information stands manned by breed societies and various dog breeds will also be presented on an event stage.

    Dogs will be spoiled for culinary choices at more than 185 pet food stands where representatives from the sector will present their various nibbles, treats and varieties of food. A huge range of dog supplies and accessories will also be on offer at Leipzig Trade Fair – from leashes and care products to beds.’

    OUR DOGS comments on the show in our leader inside this issue and we can only admire the organisation and fantastic entry which shows that dog shows are alive and well in the 21st century! We are delighted to be acting as the International Media Partner for the event and look forward to bringing you superb coverage from the show in a few weeks time. The World Dog Show and the German Winner Show are being held at Leipzig Trade Fair from 8–12 November. The show will take place in a total of five halls with 85,000 square metres of exhibition space and will be open to visitors from 9.00 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Tickets and further information available online from


    The breed entry figures for the FCI World Dog Show in Leipzig next Month have been released and the figures for the German Winner show are now also posted. Both have in depth detail and there are some amazing entries in many breeds. OUR DOGS and OUR DOGS IRELAND will be there covering these shows which promise to be spectacular in every way. OUR DOGS are the International Media Partner for the events. 77 Dogs from the Republic of Ireland are listed as entered with , dogs based in Northern Ireland listed among the UK entry figure of 621.

    Germany, as one would expect has the highest representation with 8,577 dogs entered while Russian exhibitors have entered 3,463 dogs while Italy has a representation of 2,295 dogs. On the other end of the scale there are a number of countries with one dog travelling major distances including Chile, Bolivia, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Panama and the Philippines. Follow the link here to view the pdf's of the entries for both shows.

    Update German Winner Show Entires Full

    Outside the Leipziger Messe showground

    The number of entries for the German Winner Show which takes place on the day before the World Dog Show in Leipzig is limited to 6.500 dogs and that number has now been reached.

    There are logistical reasons for limiting the capacity of the show in the interests of both exhibitors and judges As organisers, we want to make sure that each judge has enough time for the dogs and that every exhibitor has enough space around the rings.

    This is a high number of participating dogs for a one-day-show. Surprisingly we reached the number before the second entry deadline and regret that there are no more entries possible for the German Winner Show.

    For the World Dog Show entries are still possible and we welcome all dog lovers to join this outstanding show in the middle of Europe. The VDH thanks exhibitors for this tremendous show of support and looks forward to staging a memorable event


    Visitors to the World Dog Show & German Winner Show can look forward to a truly spectacular programme: more than 20,000 pedigree dogs from 300 breeds will compete for coveted championship titles, trophies and places on the winner’s rostrum in the dog show proper. This fascinating competition will be flanked by entertainment, demonstrations and other fringe events that promise to be every bit as exciting!

    Meet the Breed

    People who are still on the lookout for a dog of their own need advice. And advice is one thing that will be available in spades at the World Dog Show. For example as part of the action “Which breed is right for me?” where experienced breeders introduce the general public to very different breeds – from diminutive Chihuahuas to massive Great Danes. They will be happy to answer questions on keeping and grooming particular breeds and on their characteristics. Competent advice will also be available at the numerous information stands manned by individual VDH member clubs who will be able to put you in touch with responsible breeders.

    German Agility Championship

    The sporting highlight of the year. Germany’s best agility specialists will compete for the German Agility Champion title in various categories on Saturday. An international tournament will be held on Sunday.

    European Dog Diving Championship

    A dog jumps into the water – this basic principle is at the core of dog diving competitions. A ramp and of course a pool are needed:  the dog runs up the ramp and then leaps either as high as possible or as far as possible – depending on the competition – before entering the water. The European Championship in this new trend sport will be held as part of the World Dog Show.

    Junior Handling World Championship

    Children and young people demonstrate their ability to move in the show ring and present individual breeds correctly in this international competition.

    Dog Dancing World Championship

    An international dog dancing tournament is also taking place as part of the World Dog Show. Dog dancing is a dog sport which originated in the USA. The dog and its handler dance together to music and show off their choreography

    Demonstrations and Entertainment

    In addition to the various dog sport competitions, a high-quality programme running in the Arena in Hall 1 will feature dog frisbee, herding, search and rescue dogs, a comedy dog show, dog dancing, service dogs, hunting dogs and much more.


    German Winner Show

    Wednesday, November, 8th 2017
    FCI-Groups: 1-10

    World Dog Show

    Thursday, November, 9th 2017
    FCI-Groups: 4, 6, 7, 8

    Friday, November, 10th 2017
    FCI-Groups: 5, 9

    Saturday, November, 11th 2017
    FCI-Groups: 1, 3

    Sunday, November, 12th 2017
    FCI-Groups: 2, 10


    Group 1:

    Sheepdogs and Cattledogs (except Swiss Cattledogs)

    Group 2:

    Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs

    Group 3:


    Group 4:


    Group 5:

    Spitz and primitive types

    Group 6:

    Scent hounds and related breeds

    Group 7:

    Pointing Dogs

    Group 8:

    Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

    Group 9:

    Companion and Toy Dogs

    Group 10:



    Please note, that the dog must reach the minimum age required for each class at the latest on the day of the show.

    Once the entry for the show has closed it is not allowed to transfer a dog from one class to another.

    Puppies 6 – under 9 months
    Junior 9 – under 18 months
    Intermediate 15 – under 24 months
    Open from 15 months
    Working from 15 months
    (a proof of entitlement must be enclosed with the entry form, WCC)
    Champion from 15 months
    (a proof of entitlement must be enclosed with the entry form)
    Veterans from 8 years


    Puppy class

    Unofficial class, no grading, placing from 1 to 4, honorary prize may be given, the best dog puppy and bitch puppy with honorary prize compete for the Best Puppy of the Breed.


    Junior class

    9 – under 18 months, do not compete for CACIB, but compete for Junior-CAC and BOB. The best junior dog and bitch awarded "excellent" will compete for the best junior dog of the breed.


    Intermediate class

    15 – under 24 months, compete for CAC, CACIB and BOB.


    Open class

    15 months onwards, compete for CAC, CACIB and BOB.


    Working class

    15 months onwards, a Working Class Certificate must be enclosed with the entry form. If the certificate is missing, the dog will be automatically entered in "Open class". Compete for CAC, CACIB, BOB.


    Champion class

    15 months onwards, for International or National Champions, a copy of this certificate must be enclosed with the entry form. If the certificate is missing, the dog will be automatically entered in "Open class". Compete for CAC, CACIB and BOB.


    Veteran class

    8 years onwards, do not compete for CACIB but compete for Veteran-CAC and BOB. The best veteran dog and bitch awarded "excellent" will compete for the Best Veteran of the breed. Castrated dogs are not allowed to take part in the show.

    Rules and regulations


    Show Rules (VDH) PDF

    FCI Show Rules


    There will no critics made and issued at the German Winner Show or World Dog Show 2017.

    Cropped and docked dogs

    In accordance with the VDH show rules the following dogs are banned from participating at dog shows both at home and abroad:

    1. Ears cropped
    2. Tail docked (exception: for FCI recognized hunting dogs used for hunting in accordance with German law for the protection of animals)

    Special notes

    1. Owners acknowledge the binding character of the show regulations of VDH and FCI with the submission of their entries.

    2. Only those pedigree dogs for which a breed standard has been adopted by the FCI and/or VDH and which are registered

    Vaccination Document/Pet Pass

    The dogs being brought to an event (show) must have a proof that they have been vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the start of the show (bring vaccination documents/EU pet pass). The rabies vaccination is valid

    Vaccination and importing regulations

    Rules on travelling with dogs within the EU

    A maximum of 5 dogs may be carried per person when travelling. The animals must not be intended for a change of ownership.

    If this is not the case, then the rules for trade in animals apply.

    Titles & Challenge-Certificates

    German Winner Show

    • CACIB
    • German Winner | German Junior Winner | German Veteran Winner
    • German Champion (VDH) | German Junior-Champion (VDH) | German Veteran-Champion (VDH)


    World Dog Show

    • CACIB
    • World Winner | World Junior Winner | World Veteran Winner
    • German Champion (VDH) | German Junior-Champion (VDH) | German Veteran-Champion (VDH)

    Crufts Qualification 2018

    Special at the German Winner Show & World Dog Show

    German Champion VDH

    • Challenge Certificates for the title ”German Champion (VDH)“ counts twice.
    • Reserve Challenge Certificates for the title ”German Champion (VDH)“ are upgraded to normal Challenge Certificates.
    • If a dog receives the Challenge Certificates for the title ”German Champion (VDH)“ at the German Winner Show 2017 and the World Dog Show 2017 the dog will be awarded with the title German Champion (VDH).

    German Junior Champion

    • If a dog receives the Challenge Certificates for the title ”German Junior Champion (VDH)“ at the German Winner Show 2017 and the World Dog Show 2017 the dog will be awarded with the title German Junior Champion (VDH).

    German Veteran Champion (VDH)

    • If a dog receives the Challenge Certificates for the title ”German Veteran Champion (VDH)“ at the German Winner Show 2017 and the World Dog Show 2017 the dog will be awarded with the title German Veteran Champion (VDH).
  • Travel Info

    The quick way to Leipzig: By car, train, bus or air

    Leipzig is located in the heart of Europe. Leipziger Messe is easy to reach any way you choose - cartrainlong-distance bus or by plane. And once in Leipzig, all roads lead to the trade fair.

    Our grounds are located right by the Autobahn, near the Schkeuditzer Kreuz (interchange). The Leipzig/Halle airport is only eight minutes by Autobahn. If you arrive at the Leipzig main train station with the ICE, you can take the regional train (Regionalbahn/RB) or the rapid transit train (S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland) to reach the "Leipzig Messe" stop in just six minutes. If you are coming from downtown, the tram will get to you the grounds in approximately 20 minutes. How will you be arriving?


    How will you be arriving?



    There are 14.000 parking spaces on the fairground. Ticket costs for cars: 6,00 EUR, for pick-up trucks: 13,00 EUR

  • Show Venue

    Leipziger Messe: Compact, despite its large site. Functional – and yet aesthetic. More than 80,000 square metres of air-conditioned indoor exhibition space provide comfortable space for the rings.

    Parking spaces

    Camping spaces

    Hall 1:
    Showring + Trade stands

    Hall 3:
    German Championship Agility + European Championchip DogDiving + Information stands Breed Clubs

    Hall 4: Rings

    Hall 5: Rings

    Leipziger Messe, Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig

Additional Info

  • Date: 9-12th November 2017
  • Location: Messe-Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig
  • Venue: Leipziger Messe


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