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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 10:16

World Dog Show 2012 Featured

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Best In Show at the World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria 2012 was the Saluki from Sweden, Nicklas Eriksson’s Shiraz California Dreamin’ judged by Mr Hans Muller, President of the FCI. Reserve Best in Show was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Russia...

Photo by Deya Photography
Best In Show at the World Dog Show in Salzburg, Austria 2012 was the Saluki from Sweden, Nicklas Eriksson’s Shiraz California Dreamin’ judged by Mr Hans Muller, President of the FCI. Reserve Best in Show was the Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Russia, Olga Shuvalova’s Andvol Pinkerton, handled by Olga Shilova. Also pictured, far left Purina ProPlan Representative, Margit Brenner, Show Manager; Dr Michael Kreiner (centre), President of the Austrian KC; Mrs Eriksson; Elizabeth Manner (Show Secretary) and Vince Hogan of OUR DOGS the international media partner for the World Dog Show 2012. 

WITH the sound of music, Mozart and mountains, the world show in Austria really had a sensational backdrop to what was felt to be the final (Final!) event of the FCI celebrations for the centenary year.

Austria of course was another founder member of the FCI and as such had been one of the key countries to host the main events for the centenary. By Sunday night as the cheers echoed around the Salzburg Arena, most people had given the OKV and theWorld show the thumbs up despite the earlier difficulties primarily with parking and traffic.

Our two top winners strutted their stuff around the huge main ring with the Scandinavian winner proving to be a popular choice made by BIS judge Hans Muller. I had narrowly avoided the temptation to don the lederhosen and head off to Salzburg singing ‘The hills are alive etc’ followed by a chorus of ‘Edelweiss’ having previously visited this gem of a city famous for being the backdrop of the Julie Andrews classic nearly 50 years ago.

But the world of dog show folk seemed to be converging on this part ofAustria as I met friends from the UK, Spain, and Scandinavia…and that was just at the luggage collection at the airport!

Its funny looking back how time flies as we have seen the Austrian organisers around the European scene for what seems like years now as they have been promoting the show and building entries from Dortmund to Crufts and Paris to Brno; and now as I write this report it’s all over!

The shows organizing director, Elizabeth Manner has been a tireless worker representing the WDS and flying the flag for Austria. The OKV President Dr Michael Kreiner was a welcoming President, always available and working at one with the Show Manager Margrit Brenner.

The shows technical director was the hard working Markus Kohler who had a team of 25 people in their blue show team shirts and outfits. Markus was determined to tackle any problem that cropped up and also seemed to master the art of using two mobile phones at ones as he always seemed to be in demand.

The whole team should receive top marks for the huge effort they put in. As ever rumours had been flying around for months that the showground was too small and that there would be problems with traffic. As it turned out, they were right about the traffic but wrong about the show ground. The Messezentrum in Salzburg was different to the expo centre for Paris last year or to Crufts at the NEC.

It seemed very handily placed near to the beautiful town centre and right next to the motorway (although that also caused the main problem!) For those travelling from town, it was a short bus ride on the efficient system but for those crossing the border from Germany or driving on the motorway you hit a big problem with everyone trying to get off the same exit…unlike my taxi driver who knew the local roads and managed to avoid the jam although I did get a tour of the alpine houses of outer Salzburg!

So day one did not get off to a great start with a lot of frustration for exhibitors trying to get in, trying to park (through barriers that spent hours going up and down!) and the ones stuck on the motorway literally picking up their grooming tables and walking down he hard shoulder with the dogs to ensure they did not miss their class. Judging was delayed for a short time to try and help out and by the time Sunday came around the problems of traffic management seem to have abated.

Learning from others

That always seems the way of course with any event management…you learn as you go along and by the time you have got it all under control….the show is over and you do not get a chance to run another world show for many years!

As I have said on many occasions, that is the benefit of having a regular team working a showground (like Crufts or in Europe like the VDH in Dortmund) over a number of years. You get to know the lie of the land…what works and what doesn’t, where the pressure points will be. I cannot stress enough to any organizer for world or European events to learn from other peoples shows and to listen to what your customers want…the exhibitors, the trade stands and yes, even the press! Austria did seem to take on board a lot and certainly learned from last year when a large number of complaints were made in Paris followed by Facebook campaigns asking for levels of standards to be reached. No such backlash this time. Without fail, everyone mentioned the fact that the hall was clean, with no dog fouling…or if there was there were adequate cleaners and pick up bags at every entrance point. Grass exercise areas outside also helped.

The signs and catalogues and most information was in German and English! That facility is not there just to help the British but as it appears to be the language of the international dog showing fraternity it helps the Scandinavians, the Slovenians, in fact anyone that comes from beyond the German speaking countries.

This was a point that really angered people last year in Paris. In fact, the use of other languages was essential with the other problem experienced at the show and that was due to the hot weather. Like many others traveling to the show, I had kept one eye on the weather app on my phone for a week ahead…was it raining, was it warm or was it snowing? It appeared that we had something of everything judging by the sunlit mountain backdrop with snowy peaks. Yet for the three days of the show it was hot!

With that heat came the inevitable problem of dogs in cars. Cars become ovens as we all know…no matter how many fans, sun reflectors or whatever that people put up; and there were problems as people had parked in the streets around the show area and certainly one, if not two dogs tragically died. Ironically the police phoned the show and asked the show management to go to the police station to make a statement right in the middle of the show! Steps were taken to remind exhibitors of their responsibilities with notices being stuck on every door, every cash desk etc and with announcements being made in about five different languages on the public address system.


The FCI delegate at the show was Mr. Bernhard Meyer of the VDH so the OKV had a very experienced eye watching over them! However Herr Meyer would have seen a well organized event by and large. The main hall for stands Hall 10 was very impressive as was the SalzburgArena where the groups and BIS took place. As is often the case with event centres like this, many of the other rings were in smaller halls and in some instances marquees outside, so finding rings became slightly harder although reference to the excellent catalogue each day would have given exhibitors a map of all the various halls. The shows main sponsor was Purina and they took centre stage in Hall 10 with other key show stands being placed here as well.

The companies advertising boards marked out the well carpeted rings and they had also laid on a fun activity for the dogs outside with a new event of dog diving….with dogs leaping into a pool of water which some dogs seemed to love especially in the heat! Each day the judges (who had been conveniently booked into the hotel opposite the show ground, so no delays experienced!) met in an excellent room which served as a judges briefing room followed by the daily press conference at 10am.

They then picked up their ring stewards who waited outside with chalk boards with the judges names…and off they went. The press facilities were excellent…always a good start! This department was headed up by the efficient and pleasant Dr Katya Wolf and assisted by our old friends Maria and Thomas who had run the press room in Bratislava in 2009. OUR DOGS were again the media partners for the show and for the press there were plenty of catalogues, refreshments and a press conference in German and English.

No complaints at all. The World Dog Press Association managed the photography in the main ring and that seemed to flow very well.

Top entry

In the entry of just under 19,000 top figures went to Germany with 2,631 followed by Russia with 2286. There were just over 170 entries from the UK. This entry was good when you consider that all docked and cropped dogs are not allowed to show under strict Austrian laws. A number of club shows took place nearby in attractive grounds and by the look of some sun burnt people the next day they had enjoyed the good weather!

The show always had a busy feel about it and the organizers had certainly done a fantastic job in promoting the show in Salzburg; from the moment we left the airport on Wednesday there were bus shelter posters, adverts on the back of buses, a sign written shuttle bus driving to and from the car parks and many shops in town had ‘doggie’ displays and sings for the WDS.Well done…cannot congratulate you enough for this OKV, you have to involve the local community and encourage outside people to come to the show.

The only area in the show itself that did not seem busy was the area designated for the overseas kennel clubs, which was in the foyer area of the showground’s main entrance. Generally people passed it by unless you had a reason to go to the stands in question….for example the Finnish KC always attract a crowd as they photograph all Finnish BOB winners and upload them to their web site immediately. Trade stands seemed to do brisk business and there were a number over from the UK in addition to OUR DOGS; Rabart Pro Choice, MD10 shampoos, World Leisurewear, The Big Paw Embroidery Company to name the hardy regulars on the Euro circuit. Saturday night saw many of the VIPs and dignitaries attend a gala dinner at the Archbishops palace in the centre of Salzburg; a splendid venue and occasion where we dined well and were serenaded in the classical style as befitted the home of Mozart! In fact the whole city seemed to be well populated by dog people strolling out at night, some with their dogs, enjoying the atmosphere.

Main ring action

Of course what matters most to judges and exhibitors is what happens in the ring of honour! The Salzburg Arena, the home of ice skating and rock concerts, proved to be a great main ring. The only downside was that the collecting ring and pre judging areas were too tight for all concerned. Once in the ring there was plenty of space, music, lighting a great backdrop for all the photos, and a stunning TV screen which broadcast messages and images of the judging. It was a shame that more people did not use the venue seating to watch the principal judging after the ring was used by all the agility, dog dancing, junior handling etc.

You certainly need stamina to sit through all the group judging of pairs of juniors and the like. We were treated to a fabulous tenor singing one evening and then on the Sunday prior to BIS we had a traditional Austrian band, the flag handover to Hungary for the 2013 World Show (yes it is on!) and Hungarian folk dancing as the climax built up. Ten top dogs, some getting wild applause and support from the galleries but only two selected in top slots by FCI President Hans Muller. From Russia and in second place the well known Corgi, Andvol Pinkerton, piloted by the equally well known handler Olga from Moscow, only to be topped by the dynamic American bred Saluki, now owned in Scandinavia with Mr Mrs Nicklas Erikkson, Shiraz California Dreamin’ who stole the show just like this pairing did in Slovenia in 2010 when winning the European show.

Everyone relaxed at a delightful after dinner party where the winners were invited and we all kicked off our shoes and said ‘never again’ knowing full well we couldn’t wait for the next big show to start! Well done OKV! Salzburg 2012 will be a pleasant memory for all.



The World Dog show moved from Paris 2011 to Salzburg 2012 and it was another hectic 3 days at the Salzburg Arena writes Vince Hogan.

Over 18,000 dogs competed in the main WDS with another 5000 taking part in the club shows elsewhere near the city. It was a packed three days with exhibitors coming from many countries including the UK and Ireland.

The Austrian Kennel Club had done everything to try and make the event enjoyable for all although the anticipated traffic problems materialised and put pressure on events on Friday and Saturday…Sunday was better.  

Hot weather made for the usual problems with dogs being left in vehicles resulting in at least 2 fatalities.

Much of the talk of the show was also about Budapest 2013 and whether the Hungarian Kennel Club would be able to stage the event…we await the outcome of government meetings.

Most agreed that it was a good effort although there were the usual teething problems for a show of this size, but at least the floors were clean with plenty of pick up bags available! No Paris repeat here.


The FCI World Dog Show this year was organised for the fourth time by the Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV). The ÖKV had chosen the historic and very beautiful city of Salzburg as the location with its spacious exhibition halls and arena as the venue for this year’s very successful event.

And what excellent exhibition halls these are covering 40,000 square metres and housing up to 80 rings on the busiest of the three days. 

The halls were big enough to enable the breeds to have rings which were very adequately sized for the dogs concerned. Of course a show with an entry of nearly 19,000 dogs is bound to be spread over a fairly large area, but the signposting was excellent and meant that people were able to find their way around the show very well.

FCI World Dog Shows do not of course enjoy the luxury of taking place annually in the same venue and this means that small teething troubles do not always have the opportunity to be ironed out from one year to the next. 

An example of that type of thing was the drains in some rings underneath the carpets which spooked a number of dogs when their handlers stood on the wrong spot and created a clanging noise. But apart from a very minor issue such as that, the show was very well organised indeed and exhibitors and judges alike agreed that the event was a great success.
The widely international nature of the show was emphasised by the fact that while Austria itself provided about 6% of the entry, the rest of the world provided the other 94% from a further 54 countries.  
I stood in at the last minute for the Border Terrier judge who was unable to attend because of illness and the entry of the breed, though not of quite the same standard overall as last year, nevertheless did contain a number of very high quality exhibits amongst the main winners with the BOB winner coming from Italy. The other breed which I was honoured to be invited to judge was Bearded Collies and there I felt that quality was generally very high and the Best of Breed winner hailed from Hungary.
The ÖKV along with its President Dr Michael Kreiner and Show Manager Margit Brenner are to be greatly congratulated for an excellent and well organised event of which they and he FCI should be very proud indeed. Well done the ÖKV!

Best Junior in Show  &  Best Puppy in Show


Top dogs on parade!
By Svetlana Valoueva

IN ADDITION to being one of the four founding organisations of the FCI, the Austrian Kennel Club is probably one of its most active members.

Three times Austria has hosted the World Dog Show event – Innsbruck in 1976 (4,478 dogs were entered), Tulln in 1986 (7,952 dogs) and finally 18,607 dogs competed in Salzburg in May 2012.

After five years of careful planning World Dog Show 2012 was the event every dog show fan looked forward to. Almost 100 rings were set up in the contemporary Messezentrum while the Main ring was set up in the spacious Salzburgarena which was added to the exposition center in 2003 and is used for major events and rock concerts.

The oval wooden dome of the Salzburgarena is the largest in Western Austria and it can seat over 5,000 people. Kudos to the Show Manager Magrit Brenner for overseeing 500 show officials and hundreds of volunteers, sorting through hundreds of assignments, and making sure that every single show participant felt welcome in Mozart’s home city. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Salzburg became the world capital of the dog sport and hosted a Canine Festival: local dog owners and guests from abroad had the possibility to attend dozens of general and breed specific seminars that offered not only the a chance to learn and share the knowledge, but also meet old friends and colleagues. Over 200 junior handlers from 28 countries participated in the World Junior Handling Competition.

Barbka Novak who judged the final placed Lena Unger from Germany thirrd, Tereza Shubertova from Slovakia second and Stanislav Petrov, high school student from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, took home the top honours. The Main Ring entertainment program that ran daily covered a great variety of dog-related activities – we saw performances from the police dogs to Freestyle. Austria takes credit for producing five national dog breeds recognized by FCI: Alpine Dachsbracke, Austrian Black and Tan Hound, Austrian Pinscher, Styrian Coarse-Haired Hound and Tirolean Hound. Rarely seen outside of Austria, those breeds are cultivated by the local enthusiasts who made sure that the world saw their dogs at theWorld Dog Show. While the entries for those breeds were not high, volunteers ran meet-the-breed booths during all three days and paraded their charges in the Main Ring.

In addition to successful restoration and preservation of the local breeds, the Austrian Kennel Club plays a very active role in other dog related disciplines, running numerous competitive events throughout the year. It also hosted the first FCI Tracking Dog World Cup in 1994, the FCI Obedience World Championship in 1996 and 2005, the FCI World Championship for Utility Dogs in 1999 and the FCI World Championship for Agility and Utility Dogs in 2009. Around the groups Five-thousand six hundred and sixty eight dogs of 101 breeds representing FCI Group 3 (Terriers), Group 7 (Pointers and Setters), Group 8 (Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs) and Group 10 (Sighthounds) competed on Friday,May 18th, the first day of the show.

This year once again the public saw the future of the dog sport, Junior World Winners (winners of the junior class – dogs and bitches between 9 and 18 months) compete in Junior Groups. What set this World Dog Show apart from the others was that according to the local rules instead of choosing the Best Junior judges nominated both a dog and a bitch to compete in the final. The judge for the Junior Group 3 was Kari Jarvinen (Finland) and he sent the Irish-bred Kerry Blue Terrier Bell Bolari Breezeban Up And Go owned by I. Pechertisa (Russia) to compete against other junior group winners in the final on Sunday.

Zane Smith judgedAmerican Staffordshire terrier bitches, but it was the seven and a half year old dog Don King Of Ring’s, owned by Natalija Zeljic (Serbia) and put up by his colleague Hana Brezinova from the Czech Republic who took home the top honors in the Terrier Group that was judged by Paul Stanton (Sweden). Next it was the time for the exciting Junior Group 7 competition judged by Monika Blaha (Austria). The winner, elegant 13- month old English Pointer bitch Weimpoint Keep Smilin’ bred and owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts (Belgium) is a direct descendant of the US Seaside pointer lines. A few seconds after her young handler accepted the award, both of them returned back to the Main Ring to compete against other Best of Breed winners in the Group 7 to become runner-up against the Short-haired Weimaraner Grey Classic’s Ipanema Girl.

The Weimaraner, placed first by the German judge Horst Klibenstein, is also bred and owned by Edwin and Kristina Lenaerts, so this was a huge success for those young and ambitious breeders. Junior Group 8 was judged by another German Dr Peter Beyersdorf and he chose the English Springer Spaniel Sieger’s Match Point, owned by Alberto Abajo from Spain as his winner.

This was obviously a day for the English Springers as another representative of this breed, Linmoor Zimply Zalient, owned by Katarzyna Ksiazek became the Group winner under Damir Skok, president of the Croatian Kennel Club. Lisbeth Mach, the charming and efficient judge from Switzerland, was in charge of Junuor Group 10 and her winner was the Greyhound, Fionn Clann Delwyn Drew, bred and owned by Maria Sheina (Russia). Rafael de Santiago, Vice-President of FCI, who was in charge of Group 10 put up a well-known crowd pleaser Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’ handled and owned by Nicklas Eriksson from Sweden.

Day two Seven thousand and eighty dogs of 168 breeds that represented FCI Group 1 (Sheepdogs and Cattledogs), Group 5 (Spitz and Primitive Types) and Group 9 (Companion and Toy Dogs) competed on Saturday, May 19th. Erwin Deutscher, a judge from Austria went for the glamour and presentation of the Old English Sheepdog, Bottom Shaker So Easy To Love, owned by Jozsef Koroknai from Hungary. Tamas Jakkel who stepped down from his post as the Main Ring Commentator for the show to judge FCI Group 1 chose as his winner the Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Andvol Pinkerton, owned by Olga Shuvalova.

This dog has is well known outside of his home country for numerous BIS wins around the world and representing Russia at the Eukanuba World Challenge in 2010 where he was shortlisted in the final. Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, judge from Austria, selected as her Junior Group 5 winner the Basenji, Justine Ekibondo bred by Miroslava Miklishova from the Czech Republic and owned by the Italian Dandonpei kennel. FCI Group 5 was judged by the regular visitor of large international events around the world all-rounder from the Netherlands Hans van den Berg.

His winner was Canadian-bred and Lithuanian-owned Siberian Husky, Snowmist’s Quicksilver Speigas (breeder Kim Leblanc and owner Laura Baryte) who became the Best of Winners & Best Bred By at SHCA 2011 shown once again to the full potential by Tim Terella of Fairview, Pa. This dynamic duo was greeted by enthusiastic cheers from their American fans and won over hearts of the European public. Swiss judge Laurent Pichard selected as his Junior Group 9 winner the black Toy Poodle Shantaram Hands Off owner-handled by Alessandra Giuliani from Italy.

Norman Deschuymere, well known Belgian Sheepdog Specialist, judged Group 9. His winner, the Standard Poodle, Aleph American Idol, was born in the USA and is co-owned by Paula and Bert Morgan (Ardent Poodles) and Elizabeth Brown (Donnchada Poodles) and handled in Europe by Charlotte Sandell. This dog’s accomplishments in 2012 include BOB at Crufts and BOS at PCA National Specialty Show and several Group and BIS wins in Scandinavian countries. He will return to resume his US specials career next April immediately after PCA 2013.

Final day On the last day of the show, Sunday May the 20th, 5,857 dogs of 123 breeds from FCI Group 2 (Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Breeds), Group 4 (Dachshunds) and Group 6 (Scenthounds and Related Breeds) competed for the honors to be selected as winners of their respected breeds and compete in the Grand Finale that followed the ceremony of passing the FCI flag to the host of the next World Dog Show, Kennel Club of Hungary. Junior FCI Group 2 judge represented Germany.

Hans Wiblishauser’s winner became the Pepper and Salt Schnauzer, Skippy Saltus Ze Zahrabske, owner-handled by Monika Skok (Croatia). FCI Group 2 had Hiroshi Kamisato, judge from Japan, in charge and he chose the Newfoundland, Starry Town Bon Prin, bred, owned and handled by Maurizio Mauro (Italy) for his nominee for the final lineup.

Helaine Maissen-Jarisch’s Junior Group 4 winner Dachshund Standard Smooth, Emdash Admire, owned by Alexander Tatarov and Claudio de Giuliani’s Group 4 winner Dachshund Standard Smooth, Norden Liht Unkas, owned by A. Krylova proved that Russia produces the best Dachshunds in the World at the moment. Junior FCI Group 6 judge former Vice-President of FCI Austrian Karl Reisinger sent another Russian dog to the Junior BIS, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Irma Podkoldernik Jadowity, owned by I. Antipova (Russia) and last but not least – Milivoje Urosevic, the judge from Serbia, went for the representative of the very rare breed - Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Shiroblam First Slip, owner Elizabeth Stroemberg to complete the BIS lineup at the World Dog Show 2012. The honour to judge the final Best in Show competition went to the President of the FCI Mr Hans Muller.

After careful deliberation he made his choice by calling back from the lineup two worthy finalists. The most beautiful dog of theWorld Dog Show 2012 was the Top Dog of Sweden, Saluki Shiraz California Dreamin’ owned by Ingunn and Nicklas Eriksson. Runner-up the Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Andvol Pinkerton, owned by Olga Shuvalova from Russia.

English winners
By Kerry Rushby

IT WAS another very successful show for the British at theWorld Show this year in Austria, starting with Pauline Hunt with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers,Whispering Reed's Hutamya AtWakaduze, winning Best of Breed and the CAC & CACIB. NarodAroonaAtWakaduze (Aroona) won Best Veteran on Saturday and Sunday.

Wakaduze Hapon, won Best Junior and CAJC on Saturday and Sunday. Then at the World Show, Wakaduze Hapon (Chu-Win) got Best Junior and JWW12. Joan Tinsley’s Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Cloverwood Royal George won hisWorldWinner title and Best of Breed under judge Rajic Branislav and her Cloverwood Sizzling Gold won the Open Class and Reserve CACIB and Reserve CACA.

Lisa Croft Elliott and Carrie Russell Smith had a great show, starting at the World Show, Cardigan Corgis, JuniorWorldWinner Dog; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst'sYasashiikuma Dragon Defender NJK, JESG'12, JWW'12. Junior World Winner Bitch; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst's Am. Ch Pluperfect Merrymoon Poetry In Motion JWW'12.WorldWinner Bitch CACIB; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst's Ch, Slo,NL, Lux, Int Ch, FCI CentenaryWinner Floatin' Helen Heilin NJK, JWW'10, CW'10, '11, W'10, '11, EW'10,'11, JWW'10, WW'12. Also winning Intermediate Bitch was Lisa and Hanno's NL Ch Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous NJK, JWW'11, JEW'11, JW'11, handled by Our Dogs very own Dom Santoriello.

Judge Glenda Cook,Australia.At theWorld Club Show,Anif (A) Austrian Club for British Herding Dogs, Cardigan Corgis, Judge Mrs E Soltesz (Austria). World Club Junior Winner Dog; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst'sYasashiikuma Dragon Defender NJK, JESG'12, JWW'12.World Club JuniorWinner Bitch and BOB; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst's Am. Ch Pluperfect Merrymoon Poetry In Motion JWW'12.

World Club Winner Dog CAC; Lisa Croft-Elliott & Paula O'Donnell's Am Ch Pecan Valley Touch Of Darkness.World ClubWinner Bitch CAC; Lisa Croft- Elliott & Hanno Dijkhorst's NL Ch Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous NJK, JWW'11, JEW'11, JW'11 Chris McLean from Scotland had a great weekend with her Akitas. Multi/Int/Uk Ch Beaufleet Dodging Daggers At Melodor, 3rd Champion Dog at theWorld Show; Multi/Int/Uk Ch Melodor Hotter Than Hell, 2nd Champion Bitch & Res Best Bitch.At theWorld Club Show,Melodor Heart of Gold, 1st Puppy & Best Puppy in Show;Melodor Obsidian Beauty, 2nd Puppy;Melodor Master Of Disguise, 1st Intermediate; Multi/Int/Uk Ch Melodor Hotter Than Hell, 1st Champion Bitch & Best of Breed & BIS. Judge Mr John Ritchie. Rachel Bradley’s Finnish Lapphund, Blairswolf Tulikki Of Ruddyduck won CACA, CACIB & WORLD WINNER,World Dog Show, Salzburg, 19th May 2012, Judge: Jorgen Hindse (DK) and at the Club show, wins, CACA & BOB under Judge: Rodi Hubenthal (S). Back ground: Eeva was BOB at Manchester 2012 under Judge Stuart Band.A little interesting read, her Granddam, Fin Ch Eetla to Chelville, was RBB atWorld Dog Show Helsinki 1998 plus her Sire, Fin Ch Chelville Tapio, was Nordic Winner 2001.

Another British competitor that did well at the World Show was Pauline Hunt with her homebred Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Wakaduze Hapon, who was Bitch Junior World Winner under Judge Miguel Angel Martinez (ARG). Jenny Harrison-Smith had a great show with her Schnauzers, International, Balkan, Belgian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grand, Croatian, Georgian, Israeli, Luxembourg, Macedonian, Moldovan, Montenegro, Netherlands, Slovenian, Switzerland Ch Rendezvous Vom Hella-Hof At NevevaleWorld ClubWinner 2012, ViceWorldWinner 2012, MediterraneanWinner 2010 & 2011, Balkan Winner 2011, Vesuvio Winner 2010, European Club Show Winner 2010, Vice European Winner 2010 & 2011.

International, Balkan, Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grand, Georgian, Israeli, Luxembourg, Moldovan, Switzerland, Ch Nenevale Midsummer Madness, Vice World Winner 2012, Mediterranean Winner 2011, Balkan Winner 2011. International, Balkan, Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grand, Georgian, Israeli, Luxembourg, Moldovan, Switzerland CH Nenvale Aphrodite In White, World Club Winner 2012, MediterraneanWinner 2011, BalkanWinner 2011. Sabrina Smit & Ian Wiltshire’s Border Collier, Tonkory Valley of the Storm ‘Storm’ finished his showing career by winning Veteran World Winner 2012, Best Veteran in Group and Best Veteran in Show.

They wish to thank breeder, Judith Gregory for letting them have such a dog in a life time! Jay Horgan had a great show with her German Pinschers, BOB & World Winner was Martin & Jay Horgan, and Dave & Gay Clarke’s male Ceriinan Quiero To Aritaur (imp Fin), who won the Open red male class. World Winner female was Martin & Jay Horgan’s bitch Ceriinan Pandora to Aritaur (imp Fin) who won the Open black female class.

Louise Baldwin and her Leonberger male, Lionscourt Couer De Lion of Brynarian won the Reserve CAC at the Austrian Leonberger Club Show and was scored a VG at theWorld Show under breed judge Brigitta Hasselgren. Sharon Springel’s Leonberger, Lionscourt Belisana was awarded an Excellent and placed 3rd in the Open class and Madeleine and David Jephcott’s Leodania’s Cacharel Noa At Vinkasse was awarded VG in the Open Female class in Leonbergers also.

Jennie Griffiths bred theWorldWinner and Best of BreedWest HighlandWhite Terrier at theWorld Dog Show, Int Ch NL Ch VDH & KFT Ch Karamynd Guns With Roses, sired by Ch & Int Ch Karamynd Play the Game and Ch Karamynd Lilac Wine who was also a class winner at theWorld Show.

John Averis handled the Lakeland Terrier, Nujax Rising Sun At Saredon to Reserve CACIB, CACA for owners, Friedrich Schoneberg, whilst his mother’s (Judith Averis) homebred Lakeland Terrier, Saredon Unveiled to Mikeland won Best of Breed at theWorld Show for owner,Victor Malzoni Jnr from Brazil. Michael Coad and Geoff Corish travelled to the World Show to see Bichon Frise, Pamplona Just Magic win the Open Class, CACIB and Best of Breed for owner Regina Belstad. Janice Bannister’s Japanese Shiba Inu, Janeryls Elecktra won the CACIB,WW title and CACA on the day and her Yukiyama No Kaikan Go Ushikai was placed 4th in the Open Class with an excellent. Bill Browne-Cole’s Wire Fox Terrier, Travella Sky’s The Limit won the CACIB, WW title and CACA, handled by professional handler Ivan Calleja.

Becky Swainston and Nik Buriknell’s Dogue De Bordeaux, Bachiracum Sangreal at Emberez was Best Junior Female and Ben Dunning’s Dogue De Bordeaux, Rozeldogue Humdinger was awarded Best Junior Male on the day at the World Show.

See all the Results from the Show here...

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