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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Brussels Dog Show '11

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THE 115th Brussels Dog Show, one week before Christmas, had a very nice entry of 3,574 dogs. A difference of 400 dogs less than last year, but probably for two reasons.

Excellent Brussels follows Champion of  Champions

The BIS at the Brussels Dog Show 2011 as chosen by Judge Mr Norman Deschuymere from Belgium, was the Papillon, Siljans Truly Yours, owned by Jan Roosens; Reserve BIS was the Wire Fox Terrier, Slicy Heart Of Mine, owned by Vincent Loubet; and BIS 3 was the American Cocker Spaniel, Very Vigie Century Fox, owned by Joelle Doucet from France.

Report & Pictures By KARL DONVIL  

December 17-18, 2011 Brussels, Belgium

THE 115th Brussels Dog Show, one week before Christmas, had a very nice entry of 3,574 dogs. A difference of 400 dogs less than last year, but probably for two reasons.

First, there was the terrible weather that struck the exhibitors on Sunday. This probably made certain exhibitors reluctant to enter their dogs. But I don’t think this had to much influence. Let’s not forget the last few weeks and the busy year with all the festivities around the FCI Centenary.

Only five weeks before there was the Champion of Champions Show in the very same halls. There was also Kortrijk and Amsterdam. This costs a lot of money if you want to participate in all those shows and probably a lot of exhibitors decided to stay home.

All in all, there were more than enough dogs and the 33 judges (from 13 different countries) had enough to handle over the two days. The Brussels Dog Show is always very special as all participants get a free breakfast offered at the stand of Royal Canin, a very nice initiative to welcome the people. There is also the Christmas Pet Market, and every morning Father Christmas is brought in on a sled pulled by a team of Huskies. It is fun for the visitors as there is always something going on in the main ring.

The entry fee was free for children under 12 and thus an excellent day out for the family. The theme this year was “the dog in our society,” and visitors could enjoy demonstrations illustrating the many aspects of the relation between man and dog. Brussels Dog Show offers a double CAC and is also a Crufts qualifying show. Of course this gives certain advantages over other shows but Brussels is the principal show and a combined result of all the clubs in the country. And for several years this show has evaluated in the positive direction.

The main ring is gorgeous  and lit with chandeliers. The podium was ornamented with Christmas decorations and a blue background.  The catalogue was very complete and paid much attention to all the people who kindly helped to organise this show.  I think this must have been well appreciated. The exhibitors came from 21 different countries.

No less than 1,812 dogs were from Belgium and France and the Netherlands had 648 and 643 entries respectively, Germany was represented by 287 dogs. But there were also entries from countries as far as Finland and Sweden, and even one from Greece and one from the USA.

The judges were very well chosen as some had in excess of 100 entries on one day. Twenty-one of the 33 judges had over 75 entries on one of the days. Mr Van Montfoord from Holland had 79 Great Danes on Saturday and 67 dogs on Sunday, 59 of them Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. From Norway we had Mr Per Andersen to judge 95 dogs on Saturday of which no less than 59 were Leonbergers. Mrs Cuthbert had 81 dogs on Saturday, amongst them 34 Bullmastiffs and 27 Mastiffs.

Doing all the Collies and Shelties (79) on Sunday she ended up with a total of 160 dogs. Mr Ben Karpel came from Israel to judge 106 dogs on Saturday, 86 of them Bulldogs. Together with a smaller variety and also very popular, the 76 French Bulldogs that he judged on Sunday, he ended up with 182 dogs for the weekend. Mrs De Ridder had also good scores, 70 American Staffordshires and 72 Border Collies. Mr Paul D’Hooge, also from Belgium, judged on Saturday only. He had 75 Newfoundlands.

Mr Javier Sanchez from Spain was most busy on Saturday with all the Pinschers and Schnauzers, a total of 104. Mrs Martha Heine from Germany had 72 Terriers on Saturday and no less than 130 dogs out of Group 5 on Sunday. Mr Des Manton from Ireland also proved very popular. He had 138 on Saturday and 83 on Sunday. The 72 Staffordshire Terriers and the 70 Aussies contributed generously to his popularity.

Together with the Romanian judge Mr Ionescu Augustin, he shared the title of most popular judge of the show. Mr Ionescu had only 69 Cockers on Saturday, but on Sunday he had no less than 152 dogs all out of Group 5 that he shared with Mr Heine. Mr Deschuymere from Belgium filled certain gaps on Saturday and had only 48 dogs, but on Sunday he concentrated on Shepherd breeds, good for 117 specimens. Mr Czic Istvan from Germany judged Terriers on Saturday, 65, and on Sunday he also had an amazing score with 129 Companion dogs. The popularity of the Chinese Cresteds is growing, if we look at the 52 specimens present here.

Mr Freddy Declercq from Belgium judged on Sunday only, but to give him only the Chihuahua’s was a wise decision as he was more than busy enough with 97 specimens in his ring. Mrs Wieremiejczyk from Poland judged Group 8 dogs on Saturday but on Sunday she had a good score with 87 dogs out of Group 6, not including the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, as they were reserved for Mr Barnes Kelvin who only judged them at this show, but saw the 74 who were present, it proved  another wise decision. And that counts for Mr Fred and Mrs Muriel Hathaway who judged only on Saturday.

Fred had the 86 Golden Retrievers for his account, while Muriel took care of the 81 Labradors. Mr Jens Witers from Germany took care of the Teckles, all varieties, on Saturday and had a free day on Sunday. Same for Luis Catalan from Portugal who judged breeds from Group 7. They could have a look at the ring of Mr Alain Renaux from France who judged on Sunday only. He had a total of 72 dogs, 52 of them were Beaucerons and it is a long time since we had so many together over here in Belgium.

Or they could go to see the judging of Sighthounds. Mr Pordham Kenis from the United Kingdom was judging some of the breeds on Sunday only and had a nice entry of 84.

Mr Norman Deschuymere was asked to judge the finals and place all 10 Group winners. The winner of the Dachshunds was not present however. His 3rd place went to the American Cocker Spaniel, Very Vigie Century Fox, owned by Joelle Doucet. Century Fox was bred four years ago by Mr Laurent Pichard. Mr Ionescu judged him on Saturday when he was entered in Champion Class males winning the Group from 24 other competitors. The very same judge made him later on BIG and granted him a ticket for Sunday. Res. Best in show was the 3 year old male Fox Terrier Wirehaired Slicey Heart Of Mine. He was bred by Lorrain Denys and is proudly owned by Mr Loubet Vincent also from France. The Fox Terriers were judged on Saturday by Mr Czik Istvan. Mrs M. Heine judged the Group in the afternoon.

Best In Show went to a Belgian Breed from a Belgian owner and breeder, the Papillon, Siljans Truly Yours, owned by Jan Roosens. Jan is a breeder himself but imported this 3 year old bitch from Sweden. Siljans was another choice of Mr Istvan who judged the breed and the Group. I suppose we will meet this dog at Crufts in a few months and on some other shows in the meantime. Jan Roosens has been BOB at Crufts with a Papillon a few years ago and even ended in the finals of the Group.

Will we see him again in the main ring this year, and will he again be a finalist? Who can say, be aware of him as he was a worthy BIS in Brussels! Next year the show is a little earlier, 8 and 9 December, and maybe this could positively affect the number of entries as it is not so close to Christmas and no Champion of Champions to stand in the way. Reaching the 4,000  mark must be a possibility. Give us a helping hand and enter in time.

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