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Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:00

Hoogstraten 2010

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We can be almost sure that next year this show will be the number two show in Belgium. While last year there were 1,826 entries, there were...

Overall BIS, chosen by Judge Mr Norman Deschuymere (Belgium) was the Irish Red Setter, Irishrebel Ireleith, owned by Johan & Elke Verhaegen-Verstrepen; Second was the Scottish Terrier, Lucias Dream Stevie Wonderful from The Netherlands and Third was the Borzoi, Bugor Ljoebov Krylataja Ljoebov from The Netherlands.

We can be almost sure that next year this show will be the number two show in Belgium. While last year there were 1,826 entries, there were almost 120 more this year, making a total of 1,943 to be precise. There will be no problem for this show to host more dogs next year as there is still some space available.

The halls are vast as are the rings, no need to feel claustrophobic at all. There were a lot of trade stands and since last year One Stop Dog Shop is the main sponsor. As their colors are light blue the color of the carpet in the main ring is the same. however, instead of having large rolls of carpet, they use carpet tiles instead and during the finals in the main ring this proved to be efficient as one dog had defecated a lot and the smell was unbearable. Simply removing the soiled tiles was enough to give the main ring its previous outlook and smell again!

This year the catalog had more pages. Remember last year’s report where I wrote how efficient and environmentally friendly it was to have so many dogs per page? While it is still very good, unfortunately the ratio dogs/pages dropped as the font was larger. I would rather have preferred to have a page with statistics in it. A show of this calibere should have it in order to show off how many countries are represented, etc. Maybe next year.

Twenty-one judges from nine different countries were invited, and I can assure you that some were very busy. Mr Tom Hehir from Ireland judged on Saturday only and had Terriers, a total of 79. Mrs Gail Brodie from the United Kingdom was also there to judge on Saturday, as was Mr Richard Stafford, her compatriot. They judged one breed each, respectively the 68 Goldens and the 60 Labradors. Mr Hjorth Leif Ragnar from Norway was not too busy on Saturday with only 28 entries but he had 85 on Sunday, including no less than 50 Newfoundlands! Belgian judge Mr Norman Deschuymere was not too busy on Saturday, compared to Sunday when he had no less than 108 dogs to judge, all companion group breeds.

Mr Freddie Klindrup was in a similar situation with 25 dogs on Saturday and 95 on Sunday when he had a nice score with 22 Bull Mastiffs and 48 French Bulldogs. Mr Gunnar Nyman, his compatriot, had 67 dogs on Saturday, all sighthounds. On Sunday he judged group five dogs and two companion breeds and ended up with 104 entries, a score that brings him up to second place of most successful judges at this show. Mrs Birgitt Schjøth, also from Denmark, almost managed to beat him. With 164 dogs in total, she took the third place. This result was achieved by the 37 Aussies that helped to score a total entry of 87 dogs on Saturday and the 36 Bernese Mountain Dogs on Sunday to score a total of 77.

Mr Dick McCoy from Ireland had a splendid score on Saturday with 99 dogs, including a very good entry of 37 Irish Setters. On Sunday he had another popular breed, the Dalmatians who numbered 23. With a total of 156 entries he was a good investment for the show. From Spain we had Mr Gadofre Morages who had a total entry over both days of 129. On Sunday he judged all the Poodle varieties. Mr Sanchez Garcia, also from Spain, and who had judged only recently in Belgium proved not to bore the exhibitors as he was good again for a total entry of 136, 95 on Saturday when he judged mainly Terriers including an unusual high number of 22 Cairns and 41 on Sunday when he concentrated on the Dachshunds and the Podengos.

Let me also mention a few judges that were on the list of Sunday only, and start with Mrs Isolde Huber from Germany who had an entry of 77, followed by Mrs Myriam Vermeire from Belgium who had 72. She judged the 57 Great Danes. Mr D. Vandecasteele from Belgium judged only one breed, the Rottweilers, good for 39 entries and there was Mr G. Vanden Bosch too who judged two, the Bordeaux Dogs and the Dogo Argentinos, 26 and 9 respectively. The overall best scoring judge was Mr Frank Kane from the United Kingdom. On Saturday 105 dogs were lining up for him, mainly Spaniels and Setters and on Sunday he had another 105, this time two breeds only, 48 Rhodesians, third most numerous breed shared with the French Bulldogs and the best scoring breed of the show, the Bulldogs, represented by no less than 57 specimen. With a total number of 210 entries he had more than 10 per cent of the dogs only for him.

Mr Norman Deschuymere (BE) was granted the honour to judge Best In Show. As all Group winners need to come back for the finals (new rule) he took his time to examine them all before he started with the placing. By elimination he came to his three finalists and asked them to go around once more. He pointed to the Borzoi for the third place. It was a four year old dog from Holland, Bugor Ljoebov Krylataja Ljoebov, bred and owned by Gielisse-Rijff-Rademaker and handled by Mrs Gielisse. He was entered in the Champions class and was judged by Mr Gunnar Nyman from Denmark.

It was the very same judge who sent him to the finals. From the two remaining dogs he picked the Scottish Terrier and regular winner on the Belgian Show scene Lucia’s Dream Stevie Wonderful, owned by Betty Smit-Kamerbeek from Holland too. He defeated 13 competitors under judge Mr Sanchez from Spain while it was Mr Frank Kane who gave the ticket for the finals. The Irish Setter was by definition the Best In Show winner.

Irishrebel Ireleith is a Belgian bred male of only two years old and owned by Johan and Elke Verhaegen-Verstrepen. He had pretty strong competition under judge Dick McCoy with 37 in the ring. The very same judge did the groups later in the main ring and sent him to the finals. He will probably soon carry the title of Champion. Mr Deschuymere proves that unknown dogs get a fair chance to win and that titles do not automatically go to dogs who are well-known. It is also remarkable that all three dogs are group winners of Saturday and proves that it can be worth coming back.

I hope you all will come back too next year, the 39th in a row, preferably with your dogs, as this is a great show, well run and with great hospitality. I want to find out if they will go over 2,000 entries. Be there on the 7th and 8th of January, almost two months earlier compared to this year! Here is the website address: www.kkk.be

See you there.

Report & Pictures By KARL DONVIL

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