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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 00:00

Antwerp 2012 Featured

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Indeed, the Brabo show’s new goal is to become the (Facebook) Like This show.  Providing big rings, plenty of space for a drink and a snack, a pleasant main ring, etc. These are some of the points the organisation focuses on.

Antwerp Brabo Show 2012 - ‘like this’ Show

The Best in Show winner, from Group 10 was the Whippet, Hannah Di Mahana, owned by Dominique Delebelle from Belgium,
and was the choice of BIS Judge Mr Hans Van Den Bergh (Netherlands)

Report & Pictures By KARL DONVIL

14-15 April 2012

Indeed, the Brabo show’s new goal is to become the (Facebook) Like This show.  Providing big rings, plenty of space for a drink and a snack, a pleasant main ring, etc. These are some of the points the organisation focuses on.

Let me add a few other items, like a very nice and complete catalogue, environmental friendly smaller typeface and less printing, lots of commercial stands and space to let your dog go out. In fact nothing new, but one has to do it.

There was a small increase in entries from 1,687 to 1,743 this year. This year there was a big Camping Show in the area next to the halls that attracted lots of visitors, but according to the President of the Club, Mr G. Surinx, it affected the Brabo show in a positive way with regard to visitors who grabbed the opportunity to pay a visit to both events. The Brabo show is always held in the Bouwcentre, now called Antwerp Expo.

It is not right in the city, but easily accessible by tram from the city, by bus from the neighborhood and with car as it is situated right next to the ring and the many highways. Trade stand holders need lots of visitors and after the weekend there were mixed feelings. Some were really happy and had a good turnover, others were less happy, mostly those on the Saturday. However, at Brabo they are positioned well as they are all situated in the places where visitors pass or come to eat and drink, and certainly they are all very visible.

Brabo has always been an active club and national pioneer for many disciplines. During the day there was entertainment for the public. The main ring itself has had a transformation for the better compared to former years. The colours are not that flashy any longer and the whole gives a cleaner impression. The ring is ornamented with chandeliers, creating a cozy atmosphere. The time schedule was well respected and the main ring ended as planned.
For sure Brabo is well known and a very international show. Dogs were entered under no less than 20 different flags. The majority were from Belgium (1,031), Holland was represented by 400 dogs and France and Germany respectively by 148 and 113. The United Kingdom was in fifth place with 17 entries and all the rest came from different European countries nearby but also as far as Sweden, Finland, Spain and Russia. There was even one entry from Egypt!

Brabo has a policy of inviting a minimum of 50 per cent Belgian judges and they did so this year too, as 18 of the 35 judges were Belgians. But I wonder if this is such a good option as it seems to make things very complicated. Belgium is a small country and contrary to many other countries it is pretty tough in Belgium to become a group judge, let alone an all rounder. This results in a limited number of judges to choose from if you don’t want to have the same judges judging always the same breeds.

Thirty-five judges is a lot if you compare to Luxemburg with more than three times the number of dogs judged by only 44 judges. And one can say Belgian judges are cheaper but they also need a hotel room, are refunded travel expenses and eat a few times! If, for example, a few allrounders and a few group judges are invited from abroad, they can judge a lot of breeds and save money to the organisation. But if 50 per cent of the judges need to be from Belgium, you probably need to take some breeds away from the foreign judges to give to some Belgian judges in order to reach the minimum number of 50 per cent. The result is that guest judges have less breeds and less entries and a lot of Belgian judges are invited for only a few breeds of dogs, only in order to reach the 50 per cent.

On Saturday, Mr J-F. Vanaken started the list with a score of 93, thanks to 81 Chihuahuas that showed up to be judged by him. Mrs R. Blessing from Germany had 60 dogs on Saturday, including 30 Border Collies, the very same number as Mr P. Roosenboom from Belgium who judged 23 Pugs and 37 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Mr T.Eerola had 40 Poodles on Saturday and had 39 Bulldogs on Sunday when he had 50 dogs in total. Mrs M.Van Brempt from Belgium and Mr Heinesche from Luxemburg had also over 50 dogs on Saturday. Mr P. Fortemps from Belgium officiated on Sunday only and had a nice score of 68 entries, all Cockers and Spaniels. Mr P. Baelen, another Belgian Judge, a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs himself, had 35 of them bringing him to a total of  50 entries on Sunday. Mrs V. M. Soleckyi from Poland had a nice score of 48 Leonbergers on Sunday.

The 43 Great Danes that came for Mr J. Hartich from Germany are worth mentioning too. Best scoring judge was Mr Hans Van den Bergh from Holland. Saturday was quiet for him with 36 entries but on Sunday on the contrary, he finished with the best day score of 100 entries. The popular American Staffordshire Terriers had contributed well with 37 entries. He was also granted the honour to judge Best In Show.

His third place went to the Yorkshire Terrier, Hunderwood Daily-News, owned by Eric Bernard (Fr), this three year old dog was entered in Champion Class under Mrs Dewilde who picked him out of 16 others to send him to the Groups to be judged there by her husband Mr August Dewilde who made him Best of the Terrier Group. A Teckel in second is certainly not a common view. Mr Kazmiersky from Poland was the judge for the Teckels and also judged the Teckel Group. His eye fell upon the Dutch Kaninchenteckel Wirehaired, Alpheratz Jerez, owned by Satter-Mol Coby. This male was entered in Open Class.

In 2007 the Whippet, Daydream Di Mahanna, won Best In Show here, now her daughter, Hannah di Mahana, was on term. Brabo is the lucky show for Mr Delabelle. Winning a show twice with mother and daughter is hard to believe, but here we have the proof. Hannah was born the year after mum’s victory and is an International Champion already. She had 16 competitors in her ring that was judged on Saturday also by Mr Kazmiersky. And it was Mr Dewilde who judged her for the Groups and gave her the ticket for the finals, amazing (Mr Dewilde judged Best In Show in 2007)! Hannah looks very much to her mother, go to this link to see her in my article of the Brabo 2007 show:

www.123dog.net/servlets/gateway/user/GalleryNews.jsp/tab/2/sub/2/id/296/hasresults/true/haspictures/ true/typeid/1000/jlang/en/dogs.html.

Note in your agenda on 13-14 April 2013, Brabo Dog Show, not to forget! Be numerous as there is plenty of space, there are plenty of judges and the welcome is great: Like It!

BIS & Group Photos

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