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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Kortrijk 2011

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At the 48th Eurodogshow, Kortrijk, Belgium, Best in Show was awarded to the Siberian Husky, judged by Mrs Monique Van Brempt, Ch Snowmist’s Quidditch Seeker, owned by Kim Van Gorp and handled in Europe by Patrick Daponte from Belgium...

Photo by Karl Donvil
At the 48th Eurodogshow, Kortrijk, Belgium, Best in Show was awarded to the Siberian Husky, judged by Mrs Monique Van Brempt, Ch Snowmist’s Quidditch Seeker, owned by Kim Van Gorp and handled in Europe by Patrick Daponte from Belgium.


I doubt if last year’s show was an exception when no less than 3,305 dogs were entered, while for this show the number drops back to 3,066. Most probably this has to do with the many shows in the same period. Let’s not forget Luxemburg, that was only 14 days before, and the Champion of Champions show and the Cynological days.

And there is also Amsterdam not much later. Strange that the previous shows were not harmed, on the contrary, while Kortrijk has a drop down of 7%. Anyway it is still better than 2009 that had only 2592 entries and 2008 with 2920.

Kortrijk has always had close bonds with the United Kingdom. The UK comes in 4th place for foreign countries with 112 entries. The committee also used to invite several judges from the United Kingdom, leading with eight and  even more than the native judges.

Kortrijk is not just a regular show, but is a total spectacle, a kind of dog fair  attracting lots of visitors. I think there are very few shows on the continent that are so famous with the regular dog lovers, who never participate in shows than the Kortrijk Eurodogshow. Amazing how many visitors they have each year again and how many trade stands fight to be in time to have a place. No wonder, as at this fair there is always something to do or a dog sport to watch.

For the children there is a real children village with air castles and carousel, there are demonstrations all day long in the main ring like the Doggy Dance, Hunting, Guarding  and Defence Dogs, Hunting demonstrations, Guide Dogs for the Blind and for disabled people and the  Fancy Dress Competition for children.

In the other halls there were the 27 Grand Prix Agility with 300 dogs in competition, again in another hall there was the 30th Grand Prix Obedience with 80 dogs in competition and in still another hall there was the popular 25th International Junior and the 11th Senior Handling competition. Kortrijk is probably the most international dog show of Western Europe with 65 judges from 16 countries and participating dogs from 26 different countries, at least that is what the very complete catalogue informs us.

On the other hand when reading the welcome page it says there are 62 judges from 12 countries. Anyway, even with this contradiction, most people are able to read and understand the catalogue that was in four languages. Remember my article on the FCI Centenary Show in Dortmund where the catalogue was in German only, and the one from Paris, in French only.

The main part of the show will always be the Dog Show. For this part there were 39 judges invited, representing 16 different countries (and for this I presume the welcome part mentions a wrong number).

As already mentioned the British Judges were best represented. At first sight they didn’t attract many dogs, only 550 and that results in 69 dogs/judge. The other judges had an average of 81 dogs and even the general average was higher with 79 dogs/judge. Most judges were specialist judges, invited for a  single breed or only a limited number of breeds.

On Saturday there was Mrs Maximo Fox-Shone, British, who had 52 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to judge, Mr Brian Taylor had 65 English Bulldogs. On Sunday there was Mrs Sue Pounds-Longhurst who judged the Golden Retrievers only, 71 specimens. Mrs Amanda McLaren was invited to judge the Belgian Shepherd varieties (except for the Laekenois) and attracted 79 in total, which is a very good entry, Mrs Sandra Wigglesworth, had 43 Collies and 41 Shelties, again very good, Mrs Patricia Wilkinson, came for the Border Collies, no less than 71 and Mrs Sarah Foster had 43 Bull Terriers and 7 Miniatures.

Not only British judges had nice scores. Popular breeds used to give high scores but that also depends on a good judge and some at this Eurodogshow were very well selected. Mr Dirk Spruyt from Belgium had 45 Chinese Cresteds. Mrs Meylemans judged Pugs (33) and no less than 85 French Bulldogs. With a total number of 118 she holds the record for highest score on one day.

From Sweden there was Mr Hans Almgren who judged Companion dogs but who was very popular for the Shih Tzu’s, as 46 turned up. It is long time since we saw so many Rottweilers together, and for that we thank to Mr Paul Dieter Viehoff from Germany who had 42 in his ring. From Poland we had Mr Adrzej Kazmiersky who judged 59 Newfoundlands and 5 Landseers, while on Sunday he focussed on Polish native breeds and on some Terriers. 51 Staffordshire Bull Terriers helped him to reach a good total entry of 91 dogs. Mrs Grethe Bergendahl from Norway also took some Terriers for her account but on Saturday she attracted an amazing total number of 79 Great Danes. It is a very long time since so many Great Danes gathered on one (regular) show. Mr Jukka Kuusisto from Finland judged both days but on Saturday his 49 Bernese Mountain Dogs helped him into the spotlights.

From France Mrs Anne Marie Class officiated to judge Molossians. A grand lady, although she is small in size herself, she adored that heavyweight breeds. She had 93 dogs to judge. The Belgian judge Mr Vanhoenacker had a limited number of breeds each day. On Saturday he judged the 41 Leonbergers and on Sunday the 46 Swiss White Shepherds who have become very popular nowadays. We can go on, but that would bring us too far. But I want to mention two more judges; two with very high scores on both days. Mrs Hassi Assenmacher from Germany had 84 dogs on Saturday, thanks to the 37 Bordeaux Dogues and 41 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. On Sunday she had a total number of 76 out of all the herding breeds. The most popular judge of the Eurodogshow was undoubtedly Mr Hutton from the United States.

On Saturday he had the breed with the highest score, the Chihuahua’s. If you combine the 92 specimens with the 17 Dalmatians you end up with 109. A little more relaxed, but still busy for him was Sunday, when he had “only” another 79 dogs to judge from another popular breed, the American Staffordshire Terriers.

For a show of this size, with that much demonstrations and competitions to go, it is important that the time schedule is strictly followed. It always starts with the Fancy Dress competition for the children and although there were not so many, the quality was high and some were really original like the Circus Baron with his Lion. Mrs Monique van Brempt from Belgium was asked to judge Best In Show. All 10 Group winners had to be placed, only the winner of the Dachshunds didn’t show up again on Sunday.

For  the 3rd place she chose the Fox Terrier Smooth from Mr Detry from Belgium. Fubelfox De Soleilmont was his name and he won it from 11 competitors at little more than one year, under judge Alberto Velasco Sanchez from Spain. Mrs Grethe Bergendahl made him Best Terrier. Mrs Marion Radstock from the Netherlands needed to come back on Sunday, but it was not for nothing as her Lhasa Apso Close To Perfection Next To You ended runner-up to Best In Show. Also little more than one year old and entered in Intermediate Class he won under Mr Hans Almgren and later on in the main ring under the very same judge.

The ultimate winner was the Siberian Husky Snowmist’s Quidditch Seeker. He was entered in Open Class males and was the choice of Mr Freddie Klindrup from Denmark. He won it from 29 competitors and was the finalist of Group V under Mr Jukka Kuusisto from Finland. He is bred and owned by Kim Leblanc-Van Gorp. The way he floated around the ring was a pleasure for the eye. He was born in March 2009 and a Champion in the meantime, but he is still not at the end of his career.

Kortrijk is not at the end of its fantastic career either. This year the roads around the halls was renewed and it was a little more difficult to reach the parking places but that also means that it will be an improvement for next year and must bring more dogs to the show. And if you see or meet exhibitors from Russia and other former Eastern Block countries, challenge them to come next year to Kortrijk and see if they can win ther.


Lisa Croft Elliot and Carrie Russell Smith also had a good weekend, especially as Lisa came out and won the Debutante Cup in Toy poodles!

Carrie told us:

Argoel Road Rage our 16 months old Toy Poodle, went Best Junior - winning the Debutant Cup and went on to Best of Breed, Owners Lisa Croft-Elliott & Tom Isherwood Breeders Lisa Croft-Elliott & Carrie Russell-Smith Judge Mrs J Hurley, Fralex.
Fury made his debut in Belgium by winning the open dog class, a great showing for a sleeve Peke junior in with the big kids.
We were also fortunate to win Best Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Best junior and Best of breed in Cardigans.”

Finally we even had a honey moon couple at the show as Jayne and Chris Roberts
were married recently after a 22 year engagement! 

After a great day at their wedding back on October 22nd with many family and friends, they decided to have a honeymoon overseas…Hawaii? Tenerife? No a dog show in Belgium…but as our photo shows, they had a great day.

Jayne told OUR DOGS “We had a wonderful weekend with friends from across Europe!

An added touch to the weekend our girl Ch Joybull limited Edition won RES CACIB & RES CAC
many thanks to all our friends, Fabbi, Vince and the team, Lisa and Carrie for all their support”. Congratulations Chris and Jayne from OUR DOGS!
Vince Hogan

Sighthound people on tour in Kortrijk and picking up some great awards included the Irish wolfhound Maggie Holder  Ch  Mascotts Mantovani, Afghan Liz Millward Ch Alouann Hot’n Spicy at Orashan, Greyhound Clare Millwards Windspiel Northern Steel for Alouann, Greyhound Elaine Newshams Ch Windspiel Northern Stylo, the Whippet dog Lempereur Blue Spring’s Elektra, Whippet Newsham Italian & Eng Ch Whiprose Irish Coffee at Sobers and the Italian Greyhound, Ch Sumobi Love Me Tender Artmeis

Owned by H Rishworth. All of this was topped off with Bob Newsham piloting the Whippet to a great Group win!

Claire Millward told OUR DOGS at the show
“Diego our Greyhound on the first day at the Sighthound show was Res CAC Res CACIB however the CAC passes down to him. At the Euro show he won CAC CACIB and Best of Breed ! This is the second year running he has took Best of Breed and still at only 2 years of age last year he was the overall winner of Group 10 Diego aka Windspiel Northern Steel for Alouann; he now needs just one more CAC and CACIB for both his Belgium and International titles
Our Afghan who is Co Owned with Mr and Mrs D Chadwick and Mr J Lynn Afterglow Jesabel if Sofico won the first day CAC and Res Best of Breed. Then at the Euro Show she won CAC CACIB and Best of Breed again, plus group 3 in Group 10. She is only one CAC off her Belgium Title
Then finally Axel also co owned by Alouann and the Chadwicks, Afterglow Jumping Rainbows of Sofico took Res CAC both days and Res CACIB at the Euro Show”
Diego and Axel were handled by Claire, Jesabel Handled by Liz.
A very successful trip for Liz, Claire and their three dogs. 

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