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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mechelen 2012

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Days before the show the media warned that, after a wet and cold July, the weekend of 18-19 August could break the record of highest temperature ever in Belgium, 38,8°C in 1947. Temperatures climbed on Saturday till over 35°C.

Mechelen 2012, steaming temperatures

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund - Ch Grandgables Ms Just A Tease owned by Meier Philippe from Netherlands

Days before the show the media warned that, after a wet and cold July, the weekend of 18-19 August could break the record of highest temperature ever in Belgium, 38,8°C in 1947. Temperatures climbed on Saturday till over 35°C. On Sunday however it came close to a new record but finally the meter stopped at 36,9. That very same weekend there was a dogshow in Mechelen inside the Nekkerhalls. It didn’t sound promising.

1630 dogs were welcomed in the morning when temperatures were still bearable. That would remain the case during the day. The Halls offered very good protection against the deadly burning sun and inside it was not that bad after all.

But as there was no wind and all doors would be closed during the night, there was no possibility to let it cool down inside and that paid off on Sunday when it was very warm, almost unbearable. Fortunately the sun could not burn inside and there was only one message over the intercom to warn about a dog inside a car. Anyway, also this time, the weather could not prevent the show to become a success.

However, compared to last edition the raise of 6% was lost again this year, but 1630 dogs is still a good score. The show was one weekend earlier as other years. The Neckerhalls offer so much space that probably nowhere else in Belgium you can find such huge rings. Here the dogs can move around. And even with those big rings, there is still plenty of room to place seats comfortably. Only about 70% of the available space is used for the show. Outside too there is enough space to park all the cars and if this would not be enough on the other side of the road there is another big parking available.

The catalog was OK, although I missed some statistics like those of the nationalities and numbers of the foreign exhibitors. A quick look on the list of visitors learns me that there was a massive interest from the Netherlands and Germany, but also from the other surrounding countries. And as always we have also regularly visitors from the United Kingdom. The Jury list is easier to analyze. 21 Were invited, only 6 from Belgium. The others came from as far as Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, UK, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, Holland.

A good mix of nationalities and judges makes it always interesting. On Sunday the main ring program started earlier in order not to stress the dogs too much due to the heath. The exhibitors who did not need to be in the main ring were allowed to leave the show earlier too and that was very much appreciated. Normally on Belgian shows it is not allowed to leave for home before 03 AM in order to give the public something to see. And I still think this is a good rule as one of the purposes of a dogshow is to allow the public to see good examples of their favorite breeds, to inform them and bring them in contact with bona fide breeders.

On Saturday groups I, V, VI, IX and X were on term, a total of 843 dogs. From Slovenia Mrs. Brigita Kremser was invited to judge Companion breeds. She was pretty busy as she had 83 dogs to judge,  especially the Chinese Cresteds were responsible for this success. They were 38 in total. On Sunday she judged some Terrier breeds and had a total of 52. Her compatriot Mrs.Stefan Sinko judged 5 Lhasa Apso’s and no less than 55 Chihuahua’s while on Sunday he took care of the 44 Schnauzers and Pinshers. Those who read my articles regularly will already have noticed the name of Mrs.Myriam Vermeire.

She is very popular but this time she was the absolute record holder of the show. With 111 dogs on Saturday she had the day record and with another 83 dogs on Sunday, including an good number of 47 Great Danes, she finished as Best scoring judge of the show. Her husband Mr.Dirk Spruyt judged on Saturday only and had 62 dogs, including 38 Border Collies. Mrs.Sinko, wife of Mr.Stefan Sinko was judging too. She ended on Saturday with a good number of 63 including 42 French Bulldogs. On Sunday she took the Spaniel breeds for her account, 53 in total. Mrs.Butkiene Jurate from Luthuania had a nice entry on Sunday when she judged Molossers. She finished with 79 specimen including 33 Bulldogs.

From as far as Hungary we welcomed Mr. Tesics Györy. He had 68 dogs on Sunday. This included 37 Labradors and that is a lot more than the Golden Retrievers who use to be in the majority. Mr.Andrew Brace from the United Kingdom scored very nice on Saturday with 69 dogs, amongst them no less than 42 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

On Sunday he could relax as he had only 34 entries until the end of the day as then he had to give his experienced opinion on the Best of Groups and place them in order from 10th to Best In Show.  His 3rd place went to the Leonberger “Multi. Champ.Hakuna C. Bora Z Miloticek” owned by Bauwens - Roobrouck Carine Bart from Belgium. Hakuna is 5 years old and was entered in Champions Class Males under Judge Willy Güllix from Germany. After he defeated 27 other competitors, he was the chosen of Mrs. Sonia Bellan from Italy who made him groupwinner.

Another Champion took the second place, the Weimaraner Shorthaired “Grey Classic's Ipanema Girl” owned and bred by Lenaerts Edwin and Kristina from Belgium.  This dog was also entered in Champion Class but had less competition.  It was Mr.Brace himself that judged her earlier that day and chose her as Best of Breed out of 9. Later Mr.Sinko did send her to the finals. But she was beaten there by the Miniature Dachshund “Ch Grandgables Ms Just A Tease” owned by Meier Philippe from the Netherlands. She was entered also in Champion Class and is also 3 years alike Ipanema Girl.  

Mrs.Resko Eeva had judged all the Dachshunds on Sunday along with the Fox Terriers and had picked out this winning dog. Mrs. Sinko-Kupryanova made her later win the Group and Mr.Brace apparantly fully agreed as the chance for a Dachshund to win BIS is very little.  But “Just A Tease” wasn’t “just a tease” for his competitor, he won and took the cup to Holland.  A Dachshund… it is always a nice surprise and I think that it must be a very good specimen as dachshunds are almost always the underdogs when it comes to lining up the group winners.

Enter your dogs next year and make the competition hotter on 17 or 18 of August, with or without the sun.

BIS and Group Winners Photos

Text and photo’s: Karl DONVIL

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