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Saturday, 23 July 2011 01:00

Summer Show - Helsinki

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The bi-annual Eukanuba Summer Show proved to be a great success in Helsinki last weekend writes Vince Hogan. Show organiser Johan Juslin had everything running in great order at an event judged and enjoyed by a top international panel...

Photos: Svetland Valoueva
Best in Show, as chosen by BIS Judge Kari Järvinen (Finland), was the Lowchen, Int Ch Chic Choix Markey Lifar,
owned by Ilpo Ojala, also on the left Show organiser and well known judge Johan Juslin


This was my first visit to a show in Helsinki outside of the massive events of the World Show in 1998 and then the European Show of 2006 both held in the famous exhibition halls in the centre of Helsinki.

The Eukanuba Summer Show takes place every two years and seems to be developing each time into something rather special.

Show organiser and well known judge Johan Juslin had put together what appeared to be a handpicked top international panel drawing judges from various parts of the world, including some top names from Scandinavia plus judges from Russia, Croatia, the UK and USA. It was certainly a team that gelled together and I was delighted to have been part of the set up so that OUR DOGS could be there to see what a friendly well organsied event this was. It was great to see Finnish favourite Hans Lehtinen in good form for the weekend as well.

Based at an ideal outdoor venue for this size of show (just over 2000 dogs) the Summer Show only takes place every two years. The actual venue is run by the Sighthound club who’s members were ever present all weekend setting up and breaking down, running the catering for judges and workers (very tasty it was too!) Used by various clubs during the year it clearly is perfect for dog shows; the breakdown crew transpired to be members of the agility club and they were working to raise funds for those activities; everyone seemed to know what went where so that a good order prevailed and I heard no complaints about anything all weekend….most unusual for a dog show and especially having come so quickly on the heels of the World Show in Paris where most people seemed to have a complaint about something!

The location of the showground was also great as we all flew into the nearby airport, stayed at the nearby hotel and travelled for ten minutes to get to the show venue….perfect.

Even the weather did its best to impress as the heat of Friday for the small open show gave way to a little more cloud and a breeze.

Master of Ceremonies

There was a sad background to the weekend particularly for the Norwegian judges following the bombing and shooting tragedy which had taken place in their country only hours before and as a mark of respect, all the flags were flown at half mast at the show. Well known sight hound specialist Espen Engh gave us a first hand account of the situation trying to drive in Oslo and also get to the airport; clearly a distressing time for him and his Norwegian counterparts.

On Saturday Eukanuba had also invited many members of their breeder team for a garden party (all in pink!) on the showground itself; it is good to see even in these tough economic times that this major food company is still backing the world of dogs and the dedicated and caring breeders that abound.

Master of ceremonies for the weekend was the mercurial Johan who is definitely one of those organisers who likes to tick ever box and have his finger on the pulse. Nothing escaped his eagle eye for detail, except on Saturday night at the Eukanuba party when a presentation was made to him of the Kennel Club breed standards book signed by all the judges, plus a few other funny items provided by OUR DOGS to join in the fun.

Well organised

Johan was speechless and went round all night parading his special rosette and sash! All good fun for a great weekend, well supported by Eukanuba who had helped to make the showground better than last time with the addition of a long tent for the administration block and also some of the stands, including themselves, Tapiola and of course your very own OUR DOGS.

All the rings had tents provided for shade for the judges whilst going over the dogs and exhibitors added their own canvas constructions making a show village in the show areas.

As you will see from the photos of the show in this feature it was well organised, ran to time and had all the results up on link as part of the Finnish Kennel Clubs show link department.

Top Finnish all rounder Kari Jarvinen wearing the bearded look had the honour of choosing Best in Show and selected a top winning Lowchen that’s actually done well in the UK too! The BIS rosette almost dwarfed the dog as Johan had gone for some mega rosettes in pink to add something unusual to the occasion!

By the end of the show Johan, as usual, was saying ‘never again’ but by Monday morning he was already planning the next event in 2013 and I believe he has started work on the judge’s panel for 2015!

At dinner with the judges on Sunday night it was clear everyone had thoroughly enjoyed their weekend, found some good dogs and were going home with only good things to say about Finland and the Summer Show.

That’s the way it should be isn’t it?



Finland’s Best Kept Secret: Report by Svetlana Valoueva

It is very well known that Finland, the most sparsely populated country within the European Union, has some good kennel clubs that know how to throw a good dog show.

The largest shows are well covered in the overseas press, but there is still plenty to discover in the home of the Santa Claus. One of the shows that should be on every true dog show fan “must go to” list is the Eukanuba Summer Show, Finland’s one of the best kept secrets.  It runs in Helsinki every two years organized by the perfectly teamed committee under the patronage of the name sponsor that coloured the show into a pink extravaganza and some ancient Scandinavian gods who arranged the perfect dog show weather – plenty of clouds, light drizzle, and not too much wind.
Rings, schedules
The Eukanuba Summer Show runs on the perfect showground – flat and perfectly kept grass field.  Large rings, plenty of space around them – exhibitors are not allowed to set their tents too close to the ringside – the show was like a picnic in the park, but ran on tight schedule. The group competitions both days were done under an hour – and I mean five groups, breeding group competition and Veteran BIS!

Besides having one of the most competitive judges’ education programs in the world, the Finnish Kennel Club invests a lot of effort in preparing and educating ring stewards and secretaries.  Good judges are essential and important for the exhibitors, but good ring stewards and secretaries are usually the guys behind the scene who help to make the show perfect. With many judges from abroad, ring stewards are responsible for making sure that local judging procedure is followed and everything happens on time. They also have to be multilingual – and I have not met a Finnish ring steward who was not fluent in at least three languages.
Judging panel
The judging panel at this show was worthy of any large European or World dog show.  It was made up of the world renowned specialists and all-rounders.  Hans Almgren, Karl-Erik Johansson, and Dan Ericsson arrived in Helsinki from Sweden; Kitty Sjong and Gert Christensen from Denmark; Irina Petrakova from Russia; Liliane de Ridder-Onghena from Belgium; Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine arrived from the USA and Tino Pehar from Croatia. Steve Hall represented the UK. The Finnish team included Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Juha Kares, Annuka Paloheimo, Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Irina Poletaeva, Harri Lehkonen, Marja Salminen, Marja Talvitie, Kari Salminen, Eeva Rautala, and Kari Jarvinen who also had the honour of judging the Best in Show.

Arne Foss and Espen Engh flew in from Norway that was thrown in the state of terror in the aftermath of the most cold-blooded act of terrorism since 9/11. This event added a solemn note to the weekend as everyone was once again reminded of the fragility of life.

Winners, competitions
Saturday was the day of judging Groups 2, 3, 6, 8, 10.

FCI Group 2, FCI Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossoid and Swiss Mountain Dog Group, was judged by Irina Poletaeva, judge of the Russian origin who lives in Finland, but judges around the world as on of the Finnish own.  Her top four were as follows – group winner the Newfoundland Very Fairweather's Straight To The Top owned by Johanna Eskelinen, runner-up was the Standard Schnauzer, Pepper & Salt Chivas Grand Calvera owned by Anne Mäkimaa, third place went to the Bernese Mountain Dog Sennenhund  Rossii Filimon owned by Gennadiy Shcherbakov (Russia) and the fourth – the Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper & Salt Super Play's Ocean Wind owned by Johanna Varonen.

FCI Group 3, Terriers, was judged by American terrier breeds specialist Peggy Beisel-Mcllwaine.  Her Group winner became the West Highland White Terrier Who's Hot And Who's Cold owned by Ann-Sophie and Tiina Hotanen. Second placement went to the Australian Silky Terrier Curiosity Winner Take's It owned by Susanna Gourine & Kristina Heinonen & Pia Saares.  US-bred Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mil Mear Geragold Yankee Cowboy owners Katja Päivinen & Karin Bergbom was third and a young Miniature Bull Terrier Bisbull's I'll Be Back owned by Emilia Santala & Ari Vilen was fourth.

The judge for FCI Group 6, Scent Hounds, was another specialist – Arne Foss from Norway.  His group winner became the Beagle Daragoj Crystal Heaven owned by Eeva Resko. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Mirepoix's Sid Vicious owned by Sirkka Sundstrom & Jan Zigich was second, the Finnish Hound Rautojan Tuisku owned by Eija Kärkkäinen – third and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Mbwasimba Malabari Yendi owned by Maria Björkas – fourth.

Finnish judge Kari Salminen judged FCI Group 8, Retrievers, Flushing Dogs and Waterdogs.  He chose as his winner the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Hedera's Go For It owned by Marja Asikainen Marja. Second place went to the black Labrador Retriever Mcgregor's Garden Vandal owned by Mia Hipeli, third to the Barbet Nelum-Himalis Boheme owned by Carola Lindroos-Souranmaa and the fourth to the Welsh Springer Spaniel Benchmark Jest Cymro owned by Anett & Mariann Korpi.

Sighthounds, FCI Group 10, was judged by another Finnish judge, Marja Salminen.  She placed the Whippet Sagramour Foxy Flyer owned by Marina Aaltio.  Runner-up in this group was the Irish Wolfhound Carel Wolf Tino-Taurus owned by Minnie Vane-Tempest & Teija Salmi-Aalto. Ms. Salminen’s third placement went to the Saluki Aziz Fazel owned by Stina & Janette Jalkanen and fourth – to the Borzoi Tarijemiran Enitja owned by Riitta & Tapio Liesko.

Sunday saw Groups 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9 enter the rings.

FCI group 1 (Pastoral dogs) judge, Annuka Paloheimo awarded the first prize to the Schipperke Fandal's O'Macy owned by Niina Toivonen.  Second placement went to the Collie Rough Black Gary Face De Paris owned by Mari and Jyrki Inkiläinen, third to the Border Collie Pikkupaimenen Front Page News owned by Sari Solanti and the fourth to the Welsh Corgi Pembroke Haywire's Don't Say A Word owned by Else Ahlbom.

Dachshunds, FCI Group 4, was judged by the Croatian judge Tino Pehar who selected the following as his final lineup: first Dachshund, Miniature Smooth-haired Naa-Naan Vaahteralehti owned by Saila Skyttä & Hanna Silokangas, second – Dachshund, Smooth-haired Hampdach Black is Back owned by Michael Allerup Nielsen & Anu Hämäläinen Anu, third Dachshund, Miniature Wire-haired Freckle-Face Massimiliano owned by Tiina Vuorio & Jani Ultamo and fourth Dachshund, Miniature Long-haired Dachswagen Happy owned by Elina Vaittinen.

Lilian de Ridder-Onghena who judged FCI Group 5, Spitz and Primitive Types, chose as her winner the Samoyed Winter Day's For Your Eyes OnlY owned by Jenni Lehtonen.  Second place went to the Pomeranian Tiny Life Superstar owned by Tehni Virtanen, third - Pharaoh Hound Faouziah's Fellowship Of The North owned by Eija Timonen, and fourth, the American Akita Nekmar Express Yourself owned by Laura Kukkola.

Harri Lehkonen, the judge for FCI Group 7, Continental Pointing Dogs, placed first the Weimaraner Short Haired Mimmtrix Matildaowned by Marika & Jan Örn, second place went to the Gordon Setter Showpoint Dreamer owned by Pirjo Huovila & Paivi Koivisto & Janna Runsala, third to the  German Short Haired Pointer Mircas O'sissi owned by Tanja & Janne Olkkonen and the fourth to the Irish Red Setter Clever Sett Deep Reddish owned by Sanna Hämäläinen.

FCI Group 9, Companion and Toy dogs, was judged by the Swedish all-rounder Dan Ericsson. His group winner became the Löwchen Chic Choix Markey Lifar owned by Ilpo Ojala, runner-up the Standard Poodle Huffish On And On owned by Paivi Rasi & Thomas Svahn. Third place went to the Pug Tangetoppen's Unbreakabl' News owned by Tuija Verho and the fourth to the Toy Poodle Equerry's Showtime owned by Tuija Kärki & Marko Niskanen.

The Finnish Kennel Club is very proud of the amazing job its breeders do and the best breeder's groups is always a spectacle – at small and large shows alike. On Saturday this competition was judged by Liliane de Ridder-Onghena, an experienced and popular judge who has a new judging assignment almost every weekend during the calendar year.  Her pick was the group of Miniature Schnauzers, Pepper & Salt, Kennel Super Play's – breeder Mervi Miettinen.  Hans Almgren, who judged this competition on Sunday selected Keeshonds, kennel Eerondaali – breeder Petri Turunen, as his winners.

The Best Veteran competition was judged by Karl-Erik Johansson who also chose a Schnauzer, this time the eight year old Standard Schnauzer, Pepper & Salt, Int Ch Chivas Grand Calvera owned by Anne Mäkimaa, as the winner of this tribute to the senior ring stars. On Sunday Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari’s winner became the ten year old Border Collie INT CH Pikkupaimenen Front Page News owned by Sari Solanti.
Saturday was also the day of the Junior Handling Competition. The judge for this event was Arne Foss who selected the following two girls to compete in the final: from the 10-13 years old group Tilda Rinne and from the 14-17 years old group Maija Kärki who then became the overall winner of this popular competition.


Overall Best in Show Winner 

The judge for the Best in Show competition, Kari Järvinen, is one of Finland's most respected dog men. 

He is seen around the world judging at the largest and most prestigious shows:

Crufts, the World Show (Helsinki, BIS), Royal Melbourne-Sydney (BIS), Bundessieger Germany (BIS), and many more.

He began in dogs in 1958.

He has been most closely associated with several terrier breeds and Boxers.  In 1972, his Boxer was Sweden's Dog of the Year. He and his wife bred more than 50 champion Terriers.  Mr. Jarvinen sits on the board of Fédération Cynologique Internationale, is Vice President of the Finnish Kennel Club, and a member of the Kennel Club in the UK. The father of two and grandfather of three, he is a retired managing director of Nestlé Finland.

His top four winners of the Eukanuba Summer Show were:

1 Lowchen Int Ch Chic Choix Markey Lifar,
Top Dog of Finland all-breeds 2009 and one of the most winning Lowchens in Scandinavia;

2 West Highland White Terrier Who's Hot And Who's Cold;

3 Beagle Daragoj Crystal Heaven;

4 Whippet Sagramour Foxy Flyer.

Eukanuba Summer Show 2013
We have extended the International Show 2013 by one day, due to the limited space in the car park areas.
Friday, 26.7.2013 - FCI CACIB & CAC: 4 - 6 - 7
Saturday, 27.7.2013 - FCI CACIB & CAC: 2 - 3 - 9
Sunday, 28.7.2013 - FCI CACIB & CAC: 1 - 5 - 8 - 10
Johan J. Juslin Puheenjohtaja - Chairman

Main Site: http://www.showlink.fi/eukanuba11/index.html (in English)
Kennel Club: http://www.kennelliitto.fi/en (in English)

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