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Thursday, 07 July 2011

WDS Paris 2011

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The result was a World Dog Show of 21,678 dogs over four days - and a Championnat de France Show of 14,817 over the first three of those four days. A total of nearly 36,500 dogs all told. This meant that on each of the first three days, the organisers were putting about 10,000 dogs a day through the halls.

BIS at the World Dog Show 2011 PARIS

Best In Show: American Akita, De Kaner’s Wolverine Revenge, handled by Fabbi Allegro
Photo by Svetlana Valoueva

Results from the WDS

The recent FCI World Dog Show in Paris has certainly attracted a lot of comment. ODi brings you a short pictorial review of the main winners and will be producing an extended Euro Feature very soon.

Winners’ advertisements are welcome, and the deadline is 12 August 2011.
Further details at:

Best In Show: American Akita, De Kaner’s Wolverine Revenge

Best Group 1: Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Andvol Pinkerton

Best Group 2: Leonberger, Amicus Optimus Antonius

Best Group 3: Fox Terrier Wirehaired, Afterall Painting The Sky

Best Group 4: Dachsund Shorthaired, Hampdach Chryses

Best Group 5: Akita Américain, De Kaner’s Wolverine Revenge

Best Group 6: Basset Griffon Vendéen, Jour De Noel Van Tum-Tum’s Vriendjes Grand

Best Group 7: Italian Spinone, Primo Dell’adige

Best Group 8: Portuguese Water Dog, Way To Glow Da Pedra Da Anixa

Best Group 9: Pug, Tangetoppen’s Unbrealbl’new’s

Best Group 10: Irish Wolfhound, Absolut Roan Inish Tullamore Good Stuff


Best Junior Group 1: Bouvier Des Flandres, War Bouviator Hit Alivet Tattu's Sammuel

Best Junior Group 2: Newfoundland, PMT Starry Town For Shadow's Eternity

Best Junior Group 3: Irish Terrier, Red Wire Hell's Angel

Best Junior Group 4: Mini Daschund Longhaired, Daks-Veg-As Burberry For Sweden

Best Junior Group 5: Mini Spitz, Tiny Life Superstar

Best Junior Group 6: Fricassee De Lapin Da Terra Quente Basset Artésien Normand

Best Junior Group 7: Bracco Italiano, Freisa Di Val Ravanaga

Best Junior Group 8: Welsh Springer, Twigle One More Talk

Best Junior Group 9: Poodle, Evak's Shalimar Mini Grey

Best Juniot Group 10: Saluki, Elamir Bela Burberry

Best Couple: Andvol Pinkerton, Welsh Corgi Pembroke; Lisja Staja, Gabbi Radost Elfov, Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Best Pair: Arlyn Des Hautes Courtilles, Pinscher; Fiesta Des Hautes Courtilles, Pinscher

Best Breeders Group: Bring Me Gold De L'iliade Et L'odyssee Newfoundland; Diamond Girl's Best Friend De L'iliade Et L'odyssee; Dis Moi Que Tu M'aimes De L'iliade Et L'odyssee; Fais-Moi-L'amour De L'iliade Et L'odyssee

Best Breeders Class: Cannibal Jag De La Chaume Du Bois Dieu, Briard; Baboo De La Chaume Du Bois Dieu; Calice De La Chaume Du Bois Dieu; C'roquepine De La Chaume Du Bois Dieu

Best French Dog: Dogue De Bordeaux, Dorsdorf Hummer

Best Puppy, Thursday: Boss Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso

Best Veteran, Thursday: Giant Schnauzer, Gently Born Olympia Black

Best Puppy, Friday: Scottish Terrier, Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor

Best Veteran, Friday: Whippet, Cobyco Center Piece

Best Puppy, Saturday: Siberian Husky, Oumiak's French Kiss

Best Veteran, Saturday: Basenji, M'wamis American Fortune Hunter

Best Veteran, Sunday: Poodle, Saisonelle Master Class Black

Best Puppy, Sunday: Pug, Tangetoppen's Trick Or Treat


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