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Friday, 21 July 2017 16:08

International & Europasieger Featured

Written by Vince Hogan
Best in Show at the Dortmund International Show judged by Hans van den Berg, was the Whippet, Creme Anglaise’s Pantomime owned by Akerboom and Hansen. Reserve spot went to the Australian Silky Terrier, Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon (Timonen/Virtanen) and Third, the Portuguese Perdigueiro, ‘Viccor’ owned by Lidy Put and handled by Dutch handler Priscilla van Oosten. The presentation party included, from left to right, Christa Bremer (VDH Vice President) Peter Friedrich (VDH President) Vince Hogan (OUR DOGS International Media Partner) and Wolfgang Henke (Vice President of the VDH). Best in Show at the Dortmund International Show judged by Hans van den Berg, was the Whippet, Creme Anglaise’s Pantomime owned by Akerboom and Hansen. Reserve spot went to the Australian Silky Terrier, Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon (Timonen/Virtanen) and Third, the Portuguese Perdigueiro, ‘Viccor’ owned by Lidy Put and handled by Dutch handler Priscilla van Oosten. The presentation party included, from left to right, Christa Bremer (VDH Vice President) Peter Friedrich (VDH President) Vince Hogan (OUR DOGS International Media Partner) and Wolfgang Henke (Vice President of the VDH). Pictures By Roberto & Vince Hogan

Germany finds itself in the spotlight this year with a series of big shows culminating in the biggest FCI show of the year with the World Dog Show in Leipzig in November 2017 being organised by the German Kennel Club, otherwise known as the VDH.

Recently the VDH organised two big shows running side by side…the International Show won by the Whippet and the Europasieger show won by the Miniature Smooth Dachshund as seen in our photos. The Dachshund Minidogland take after Sun is an Import from Russia Breeder: Irina Romashova  and owned by  Philippe Meier, Swissking kennel . The dog is still quite young, born in September 2017. His record includes Amsterdam Winner 16 BIG, Big Bleiswijk in Holland, winning in Rotterdam and Big 2 in Maastricht and now Best in show Dortmund 17 Europasieger 2017.

Hund and Katz

A big crowd attended as normal to see over 8000 entries from 30 nations featuring 253 different breeds including 56 dogs from the UK. A number of judges from the UK and Ireland were officiating including Helen Davenport of Our Dogs who had a nice entry of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Frank Kane was busy judging and giving a seminar on Sunday as well. Judges included Graham and Ann Hill from Wales and from Ireland Ann Ingram, Colette Muldoon and Liam Moran.

The showground in Dortmund is very well known in the area and adjacent to the world famous ground of Borrussia Dortmund who incidentally played a big game there on the Saturday of the show…but that did not seem to cause any problems for traffic etc despite the fact that 80,000 people attended the match! The OUR DOGS stand was in its usual spot by the main ring which is ideal for us to do interviews and live streaming and also to capture the action in the main ring.

The VDH team ran another excellent event which welcomed many visitors to both the dog and cat show which ran in a separate hall. This type of show is now traditional in that the VDH puts on many events alongside the dog show with a view to attracting and entertaining the general public. In May each year there is the cat show as well and in October at the same venue they put on the dog and horse show with the horse aspect also being organised by the VDH at the same time.

In fact this year the hall at Westfallenhallen is being redesigned so the front entrance is not so visible but this did not deter the crowds who flocked in to see the dog show judging plus many side events including the very popular dog diving competition which is something we do not have in this country…..maybe it’s time to try this UK? The redesign also meant a switch for the VDH admin area and VIP for lunches etc but everything seemed to work well.

Again there were many trade stands in evidence; Hall 4 always amazes me as to how many dog food companies there seems to be in Germany this time seeing a new arrival in a company called Core as well as established stands like Eukanuba, Purina, Royal Canin and Happy Dog.

Two Shows

Maximising the entry and the attraction for the exhibitors, the VDH runs two shows side by side, alternating the groups; the shows are the Europasieger and also the International show and both shows had a mixed German and International panel of judges It was nice to see Emma Gates and Shane over from Wales and in Gundogs there were some happy exhibitors.

At the Europasieger and international show in GSP Bradley Dymonds Int Sh Ch/ NL Ch/Lux Ch/ Bel Sh Ch Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow took CACIB and best male giving Marsh his Dt Ch VDH title subject to confirmation.

At the International show Nicole Coe and Sue Pitman Int Sh Ch/ Lux Ch/ NL Ch/ Dt Ch VDH Pitwit Leeona took CACIB and Best Bitch. In GWP at the international show Nicki Johnson NL Ch/ Lux Ch Charmer Vs Tuindershof took CACIB Best Male and Best of breed, Gunner went on to G2 under Frank Kane Nicki also took Best Junior with Canis Fortuna Harda. So a busy weekend for all concerned. The VDH Peter Friedrich, the President of the VDH and the Board along with Managing Director Leif Kopernik are a well drilled team and have a great experienced show team.

Just as well as they have a number of shows coming up including Hannover 10./11th June , Bremen 5./6. August and then again Dortmund 13/15 October as mentioned earlier.

I love the way that the admin team give the press a print out of the group results in the main ring almost immediately after the judging is completed. It’s a German thing ! The BIG event of the year of course in Germany takes place in November and the WORLD DOG SHOW. First is a National show in Leipzig 8th November immediately followed by the World Dog Show Leipzig 9.- 12th of November followed by a meeting of the General Assembly of the FCI which is traditional at world shows.

That promises to be a big world show with over 20,000 dogs and run over 5 days plus a general assembly of the FCI. What a gathering of dogs and dog people that promises to be and OUR DOGS will be there to bring you all the news, views and photos from the show. Tschüss für jetzt bis und viel Glück!

Winners Photos

Colette Muldoon writes:

I was honoured to be invited to judge for the VDH at Dortmund Europasieger and International Shows. There was an entry of 8,400 dogs from many countries and a good selection of specialist judges on the Panel. The Show was well supported by the public with lots of very busy trade stands in almost 3 of the 8 halls. For entertainment in the Main Ring there were dancing dogs, agility dogs and even a magician with his dogs.

Group Judging started at 3pm and I was delighted to see the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier win The Breeders Group and Overall Winner Group 3. I had a lovely entry of Group 9 breeds and nice to see my Pug and Maltese Best of Breed winners shortlisted in the Group. I look forward to my trip to the World Show in Leipzig and I know The VDH will have a wonderful Show.


Had the great honour and privilege to judge both Miniature and Bull Terriers at this years VDH-Europaseiger Show in Dortmund Germany. With a whopping entry, a record of 77 Miniatures and 25 Bull Terriers.

BOB Miniature was a young stallion from Italy, at just 12 months, JCh Timewilltell Frankys Demidream, owned by Moreno Scotton. Had everything going for him, the pazzazz of a show stopper which he has in abundance. My Bull Terrier BOB, the very well known UK Ch Teirwgwyn Top Gun, who certainly fired on all cylinders on the day, his owner/breeder is Mrs A Roberts from the UK.

Alistair Parker writes:

It was a great honour to be invited to judge the Beagles in Dortmund and having not previously judged in Europe, it was a tremendous learning opportunity. Assessing and critiquing each exhibit makes the judge consider each one on its own merit. Under the continental system the judge has to test and challenge their own preconceptions all the time, and I think I learned a great deal, which I hope I can use to improve my own judging back in the UK. The VDH were, of course, outstanding hosts and went out of their way to make everybody welcome with every detail attended to throughout the show.

I thought the system of prejudging the various groups excellent as it kept the events moving at a sensible pace and adds to the theatre of the event for the spectators. A great show and a great experience.

Ann Ingram on judging

It was my first time Judging in Dortmund and I was very impressed with the whole organisation and layout of the show, with plenty of room around the rings, excellent ring secretary and ring stewards, and wonderful relaxed hospitality!

One of the things I always enjoy when on the continent, especially in Scandinavian countries and it was certainly true at this show as well, is that the exhibitors are interested in what the judges have to say both good and bad, and it is not unusual to speak with the handlers to explain why you placed the dogs in that particular order, in fact sometimes, you can say something and the handler will agree with you! They also read the critiques and do not take offence when you not only describe the good points but also say what could be improved upon, and of course, it is important when writing the critiques, to justify the grade given!
I judged Westies, Yorkies and Norfolks on the first day VDH European Winner Show, and I was so impressed with the quality of the dogs. A good entry of 16 Norfolks proved to be a great start to the day with some good quality dogs and happily very few long and low which i have seen sometimes in other countries, these were all very nice type and short backed.

This was followed by 48 Westies which certainly made for some tough decisions between top quality dogs, and it was really hard to choose between my champion male and my intermediate class winner as they were both well presented with super attitude, and top class dogs, in the end I went for the younger dog, from Holland, who also took BOB and i was pleased to see him take Group 2 later in the day under Hans Van De Berg.

In Yorkies which were also good quality throughout the breed, I lost my heart to the wonderful champion male, Ch Campers Countach, presented in wonderful coat, with the most delightful head and expression, he was so well made under the coat, and a joy to watch on the move!
Later in the day I had the pleasure of judging Group 9 and was really impressed with the quality of the group overall, and the final 3 were exceptional. The top spot went to the Tibetan Terrier so very typy, shown in lovely coat with great carriage and ring presence, he never put a foot wrong.
Group 2 went to the Smooth Coat chihuahua, and what a star, this young man is, only a youngster, but he claimed the big ring as his own, and moved so soundly with his great attitude, correct tail carriage, nice head and well set ears, for sure he will have a great future.

Completing the excellent trio, was the Chinese Crested, another really nice one, with her lovely carriage, and easy movement, excellent head and expression and great temperament, it was very close decisions between these 3.
The second day I had 8 Terrier breeds which started off well with some nice Australian Terrier males but unfortunately the bitches were not of the same quality so didn't feel I could award an excellent.
Only 4 Dandie Dinmonts, but all of nice type, then very mixed quality in Kerry Blues with an outstanding BOB winner champion male. Scotties produced a very nice wheaten bitch of nice size and lovely attitude, i just loved watching her going around the ring! 6 Skyes, a bit mixed, but here again the BOB winner was good type.

That just left 13 Parsons and 12 Jack Russells to finish the day. Parsons are always a bit difficult to judge as there is such a variation in type and size, with some verging on the Jack Russell length of front leg and others near the top of the standard height, I was pleased with my BOB winner who won Working Class and came from Italy and was a good representative of the breed.

Finally came the Jack Russells, a breed I am very fond of for their lovely cheeky temperaments and dare devil attitude. They were quite mixed in type and quality, with some a little heavy in ribcage and a little too short in back but I was happy with my BOB winner, a young bitch who also came from Italy, she could be a little shorter in loin, but she had a great head and expression and moved really well. This concluded a very enjoyable day.

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