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Thursday, 01 September 2011

European Dog Show 2011

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The third of the four principal events celebrating the Centenary of the FCI in 2011 was held from 1st to 4th September in Leeuwarden in the Province of Friesland in the Netherlands...


Best in Show, Afghan Hound - Agha Djari's Unplugged Version - Owner: K. Hesseling (Germany) 

Photos by Vince Hogan, Svetlana Valoueva, Mak.



“Quality, not quantity” was the way President Gerard Jipping described the FCI Centenary European Dog Show in Leeuwarden at the start of September. This certainly proved true in the spectacular BIS line up where the FCI Group 10 winner from Germany, the Afghan Hound took top honours.

Breeder, co-owner and handler, Stefan Boieck’s was ecstatic when his 5 year old, German home-bred Int Ger Swe Dk Nor Ch Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version (otherwise known as Colin) stole the show much to the delight of an enthusiastic ringside audience and clearly impressing Holland’s top all round judge Hans Van Der Berg, resplendent in evening dress in the centre of the ring.

This was the third of the four principal events celebrating the Centenary of the FCI in 2011 and was held from 1st to 4th September in Leeuwarden in the Province of Friesland in the Netherlands. The organisers were the Raad van Beheer (the Dutch Kennel Club) under the chairmanship of its President Gerard Jipping. The successful organisation of this event was given a great deal of praise by those who attended, and favourable contrasts were being drawn all round with the FCI Centenary World Show held in Paris in July, still fresh in many peoples minds.

Of course comparisons are not necessarily fair in terms of scale; the size of the Euro show was much smaller than the Paris ‘World’ event. There were only 7239 dogs entered at the International part of the Euro Show and 3526 at the National event held in conjunction and the show in Holland did not appear as busy with visitors in short supply especially over the first three days, perhaps due to the geographical position of the show and the amount of money exhibitors have had to spend in this hectic show year.

Having said that, the friendliness and welcoming nature of the Committee and the efficiency with which they carried the event through, was second to none. All were determined that the exhibitors present should have a pleasant experience and would long remember the show as being both friendly and at the same time very well organised. As President Gerard Jipping said at the show’s official dinner on Saturday night “It is far more important to forget quantity and remember quality” when it comes to dogs and dog shows and was roundly applauded.

Of the total entry of 7239 dogs, 25% came from the Netherlands itself with the next biggest entry at 15% of the total coming from Russia.  Germany and Italy totaled about 8% each.  Surprisingly France, some parts of which are quite near to the Netherlands and a big country for dog shows and another of the founding FCI countries, only produced less than 3% of the entry. Perhaps this was the effect of the World Show and also the draining of people’s pockets with the economic situation. Entry fees were also quite high for the series of Dutch shows which ran over a period of one week starting with Rotterdam at the beginning of the week.
First rate organisation
As mentioned above, the organisation of the show was first rate. This was partly because there was a great deal of co-operation between the various dog show societies in the Netherlands including famous shows such as the Amsterdam Winners Show, Maastricht and the Leeuwarden Club itself. There were many dog people in key positions and their ‘doggie’ experience showed through, especially with the timing and efficiency of the main ring and collecting rings. The back ground administrative work done by Mieke and Ger Dekker was exceptional and showed all their knowledge from dealing with the Amsterdam All Winners for many years. You cannot beat experience!

The location of the breed rings was well marked and the attention to detail such as timing of breed classes, availability of catalogues and information stands etc were all well catered for.  he catalogues were in Dutch and English and there were no obvious complaints from exhibitors that we had listened to in the summer. The exercise areas provided for the dogs were first class. The Club had gone to the trouble of organising large areas of turf to be laid down in parts of the concreted areas outside the halls. These areas were being constantly patrolled by youngsters armed with sawdust, sprays, buckets and shovels who kept the area in amazingly clean condition throughout the show. Lessons learned from the Paris experience no doubt!

The only real downside was the lack of visitors on the first three days which led to a number of complaints from disgruntled traders who had hoped for both a larger entry and attendance. The organisers took a number of steps on site to try and improve traffic flow through Hall 4 which was the ‘shopping hall’. Future organisers please note, traders generally prefer to be around the rings and not stuck away in a hall all together.

Too many times we have seen this does not work; Herning was another good example at the World Show in 2010. It may be easier for the organisers to arrange, but it does not help either trade or the atmosphere of a show…far better to have a ‘buzz’ of activity in a number of the halls especially if you do not expect big visitor numbers…of the bigger shows who do this Dortmund is exceptional as it is a show that ‘draws’ a good gate and has an established show layout.

While timing of the breed rings was carefully organised, the timing of the Groups in the Main Ring was also excellent and almost all of the group and final events finished in good time. The Main Ring events were under watchful eye of Dutch KC Board Member Erik Giljstra and  were  ably  orchestrated and  commented  upon by Rony Doedijns, a very entertaining commentator and someone who kept proceedings lively, speaking in Dutch and English with ease. Much appreciated by those who use English as the international language of the dog scene. On some of the evening’s programme no fewer than eight groups and eight other major competitions had to be got through in the big ring, and even then by the careful use of pre-judging rings, everything finished pretty well bang on time.

The day before the show started the FCI held an important conference on health issues in the dog with a special focus on exaggerations. All judges were also issued with booklets on the main breeds under focus and this aspect was certainly in the forefront of judge’s minds during the show. The hotel used by the organisation was attached to the showground and this meant for a great convenience for the delegates and judges to be able to get into the show straight from the hotel; the same easy access was available for the press and each day an excellent press conference was held in the same room in association with the Media Partner OUR DOGS and addressed by Gerard Jipping and the Vice President John Wauben.

Sunday saw the same press conference used for a signing of a four year contract between the Dutch Kennel Club and Eukanuba.

On Saturday the President of the Portuguese Kennel Club Mrs Carla Molinari had the honour of judging the National show which concluded after the first three days; she put through to top spot the exquisite Lhasa Apso Strep Tease Dell’Alberico owned by Stefano Paolantoni handled to perfection by the Spanish handler Javier Gonzalez Mendikote.

The main ring worked well throughout and the press photographers did their job and were in and out professionally. An excellent VIP tribune down one side gave all the judges a great vantage point to watch the dogs they had put through.

The international junior handlers also were featured in the main ring. The European Championship International Final was judged by the Swedish Renee Sporre-Willes who was seen judging the International Junior Handling at Crufts a few years back. The top honors went to the 16-year old Urte Tamaseviciute from Lithuania. This win was the second time Urte became the top Junior Hanlder at the European dog show, the first time being in Budapest in 2008.  Runner-up and second runner-up were Paavo Tervonen from Finland and Patrick Oware from Norway.  Main ring was packed with the viewers who came in to watch and cheer for their countries' representatives - we must keep encouraging young people to enter and participate in the sport.

Group winners and finals

FCI Group 1 judge Christian Stefanescu (Romania) sent into the final lineup the impressive five year old Komondor bitch Orsi Ohungarikum bred and owned by Gabor Korozs and T. Korozs-Toth from Hungary. Runner up was the German Shepherd Videlius Av Quantos bred and owned by T. W. Johansen (Norway).  Second runner up was the Czech Wolfdog Arimminum Big Wakan Wolf owned by G. Marsi (Italy).

FCI Group 2 judge Mrs Ilona Onstenk-Schenk (Holland) selected as her winner of the largest group of the show the Landseer Fabius Parcae Us Arsnouphis owned by C.Th.J.M. Knippenborg (Netherlands).  Second place went to the Bernese Mountain Dog Sennenhund Rossii Djames Bond owned by A. Larina from Russia and the third to another Dutch dog, Saint Bernard Dog short-haired, Haakon Van’t Hof Ten Eynder owned by W. Dijksman.

Group 3 judge, Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland picked as her winner the Fox Terrier Wire Crispy Legacy bred and owned by A. Astrom from Sweden. This dog has many BIS wins to his credit, including prestigious Nordic Winner Show.  Second place winner was the Welsh Terrier Rambo Von Der Hohen Flur owned by J. Goethel and the third – Scottish Terrier Filisite Brash Celebration bred and owned by V. Popova from Russia.

Group 4 was judged by Mr Andras Korozs from Hungary.  His winner was the Dachshund, wire-haired Alpheratz The Boss owned by L. Teruzzi (Italy).  Runner-up was Dachshund, smooth-haired Ygeia Viva La Diva bred and owned by the Swedish-Greek breeder D. Antonopuolos and second runner-up Miniature Dachshund, wire-haired Magic Rainbow Yantarny Med owned by Juan Naveda (Spain)

FCI Group 5 judge was one of the youngest judges in the Netherlands, Mr Rony Doedijns who took a short break from his main responsibilities at the show as the Main Ring commentator and carefully went through his top 6 before sending the Chow from Spain Valentino De Amurkan owned by J. Carlos Gonzales Martin into the final.  His runner-up was Siberian Husky bitch Innisfree Sienna Rose owned by N. Robien. Third place went to the Mexican Hairless Dog from Sweden Nezaualcoyotl Element Of Desire owned by Ia Backstrom.

The judge for FCI Group 6 was the Dutch specialist John Wauben who chose Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Expreszo Du Greffier Du Roi owned by the fellow Dutch breeders Jolanda Huisman and M. Könings.  Second place went to the Dalmatian Lacrima Christi Choco Mousse owned by A. Kozber and the third to the Polish Hound Raban Z Huculskiej Laki owned by A. Pyra-Czernik.

Per Iversen's winner of the FCI Group 7 became a powerful German Shorthaired Poiner Don z Czarnego Dworu owned by W. Burski from Poland.  Runner-up was the Bracco Italiano Napoleone Del Tavuliddaro owned by M. Sheina & E. Ukhabina & Tripoli (Russia-Italy). Third prize winner became Irish Red Setter Vicary’s Just In Time owned by Y. Hill, this dog also won Junior Group 7 competition.

After brief deliberation Italian all-rounder Claudio de Giuliani chose as his FCI Group 8 winner the English Springer Spaniel from Sweden Sieger’s Pool Position owned by K. B. Madsen. American Cocker Spaniel from Denmark Galaksi All Time Favorite owned by M. M. Kristensen was second and Portuguese Water Dog  Way To Glow Da Pedra Da Anixa owned by I. Santos – third.

FCI Group 9 judge Mr Jo Scheppers (NL) placed Little Lion Dog Chic Choix Markey Lifar owned by Impo Ojala from Finland on the top place of the podium.  Lhasa Apso Strep Tease Del’Alberico owned by S. Paolantoni was second and Maltese Cinecitta’ Dakota Fanning owned by F. Prosperi third.

FCI Group 10 judge Rafael di Santiago (Puerto Rico) sent into the BIS ring Afghan Hound Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version owned by K. Hessling & F. Baus Tell-Collinge.  His runner-up was the Saluk,i Shiraz California Dreamin’ owned by N. Eriksson and second runner-up – Whippet, Hello World Di Mahana owned by J. W. Akerboom-v.d. Schaaf & K. v.d. Schaaf-Akerboom.

Best Junior in Show competition was judged by Ron Menaker (USA).  His choice for the most beautiful young dog was the Maltese Cinecitta’ Dakota Fanning owned by F. Prosperi.

Best Representative of the National Breed of the Show was selected by famous Dutch judge and past organiser of the Amsterdam Winners show Martin van de Weijer, the Dutch Shepherd Roughhaired, Zemin Enne-Star owned by K. Granqvist.


The finale Best in Show of the International European Winners part of the event was judged by well know Dutch all round judge Hans van den Berg and what a spectacular occasion it turned out to be with a stunning laser light show and great music starting off the finale. Music from the Pirates of the Caribbean heralded smoke, lasers, illuminated logos, much to the delight of the crowd. It set the stage for the last formalities as the final 10 were introduced in group order into the ring under the spotlights.

There was the FCI flag handover, this time to Rumania for 2012. The flag was passed to Cristian Stefanescu and Petru Muntean, two well known personalities in the world of dogs; this followed a parade of Rumanian breeds.

We had a speech by Gerard Jipping who seemed relieved to be able to say, ‘we did it!’ He thanked the Mayor of the town who stood up to take a bow and then the sponsors Eukanuba.

Back to the master of ceremonies who built up the atmosphere again to announce that Hans Van den Berg had chosen the Afghan for BIS. A triumph for Germany!

Co-owners Rosemarie Bauss from Germany and Camilla Tell-Collinge from Sweden were equally delighted with this superb win.  Colin, a Mutli BISS and Multi All Breed BIS winner on many other occasions floated around the main ring and had through his BIS win qualified for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2011 final. He will compete in one of the four sections along with over 40 of the world’s top winning dogs on 17th & 18th December in Orlando, Florida.

Jose Luis Ibanez from Proctor and Gamble and main sponsors of the event said “Stefan is a Eukanuba breeder member and feeds his dogs on the brand so, for Eukanuba, it was very rewarding that he won BIS. We are looking forward to seeing this magnificent dog compete at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando”.

BIS judge Hans Van Der Berg added, “This was a strong line up and it was not easy. The Springer was in contention, and the Afghan and Wire were close. Both had great movement, conformation and temperament in excellent show condition. The Dachshund was nice standing but I think maybe was affected by the lights and the noise. The Afghan got the final verdict on construction and a great flowing movement around the ring. Thanks to all exhibitors and the organisers for this super show”

At the end of four successful show days, everyone turned their attention to the final of the four FCI Centenary Celebrations – the FCI Centenary Gala Dinner and the Contest of Champions to be held in Belgium on 12th and 13th November, and then even further to Austria in 2012 for the fifth and final founder country to stage an event as part of the Centenary year.

     Scene at the Show


Lorna Hastings writes:

Colin Captivates at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show

"Quality, not quantity" was the buzz -word describing the 7,500 plus entry of dogs exhibiting at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show in Leeuwarden this past weekend. This certainly proved true in the spectacular BIS line up where the FCI Group 10 winner, the Afghan Hound took top honours. Breeder, co-owner & handler, Stefan Boieck’s was ecstatic when his 5 year old, German home-bred International Ch/Ger/Swe/Dan/Nor. Ch, Agha Djari’s Unplugged Version (Colin) stole the show, captivating the hearts and minds of the supportive ringside audience and clearly catching the watchful eye of the BIS Judge, Hans Van de Berg.

Co-owners Rosemarie Bauss from Germany and Camilla Tell-Collinge from Sweden were equally delighted with this superb win.  Collin, a Mutli BISS and Multi All Breed BIS winner on many occasions, through his BIS win has qualified for the Eukanuba World Challenge 2011 final and will compete in one of the four sections along with over 40 of the world’s top winning dogs on 17th & 18th December in Orlando, Florida.

This was another principle winner for Eukanuba, the title Sponsors of the FCI Centenary European Dog Show 2011.  Jose Luis Ibanez said “Stefan is a Eukanuba breeder member and feeds his dogs on the brand so, for Eukanuba, it was very rewarding that he won BIS. We are looking forward to seeing this magnificent dog compete at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Orlando”.

Hans Van de Berg stated “It was an honour to judge BIS at the FCI Centenary European Dog Show. I had the pleasure to judge this wonderful BIS line up and for me the Afghan owned the ring from the moment he set foot in it.  He stole the show; he certainly gave the impression of power and strength along with his dignified attitude and ability to look right through you with great presence.  He took my breath away with his smooth action easily covering the ring.”



Best in Show Afghan Hound Agha Djari's Unplugged Version, Owner: K. Hesseling (Germany)
Best in Show 2   Fox Terrier, wirehaired Crispy Legacy, Owner: A. Åström (Sweden). 
Best in Show 3 Rabbit Dachshund, wirehaired Alpheratz The Boss, L. Terruzzi (Italy).
FCI Group 1   Komondor, Orsi Ohungarikum, Owner: G. Korózs & T. Korózs-Tóth (Hungary).
FCI Group 2   Landseer Continental-European Type, Fabius Parcae us Arsnouphis, Owner: C.Th.J.M. Knippenborg (Netherlands)  
FCI Group 3    Fox Terrier, wire, Crispy Legacy, Owner A. Åström (Sweden).
FCI Group 4   Dachshund Rabbit Wirehaired, Alpheratz The Boss, Owner L. Terruzzi (Italy).
FCI Group 5    Chow chow, Valentino de Amurcan, Owner: J. Carlos Gonzalez Martin (Spain),  
FCI Group 6   Grand Basset griffon vendéen, Xpreszo du Greffier du Roi, Owner J. Huisman & M. Könings (Netherlands), 
FCI Group 7   German short-haired Pointing Dog, Don z Czarnego Dworu, Owner: W. Burski (Poland).  
FCI Group 8   English Springer Spaniel, Sieger's Pool Position, Owner: K.B. Madsen (Denmark), 
FCI Group 9    Little Lion Dog, Chic Choix Markey Lifar, Owner: I. Ojala (Finland) 
FCI Group 10   Afghan Hound, Agha Djari's Unplugged Version, Owner: K. Hesseling (Germany) 


Brits on tour in Leeuwarden (or didn’t they do well!)


For Carrie Russell Smith and Lisa Croft Elliot, it was four hectic days, as they had four shows in different venues for each of the three breeds they took to Leeuwarden.Thanks to a little  help from their friends they managed to show some dogs at most of them.

In Cardigan Corgis, Holly, Ch Slov Ch Floatin' Helen Heilin’ and Dragoon, Can, Fr Ch Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget are now European Winners '11 and Dutch Champions. Holly is also an FCI Centenary Winner, as she won in Dortmund and Paris too.

At the National CC Show judge M. Ebels chose Dragoon, Can Fr Ch Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget as  Dog CC, Foster - Ch, Multi Int Ch Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster, JW '07, W'07, W '08, JBSG '07, BSG '08, WW '09 - Reserve DCC, Holly - WW ’10, WW ’11 Ch, Slov Ch Floatin' Helen Heilin JWW’10, EUR.W’10 - Bitch CC, BOB, Group 3, qualifying her for the Netherlands Dog of the Year competition, Jojo - Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous JWW'11, JEW'11 - Best Junior, Reserve BCC.

Day 2 Netherlands Welsh Corgi Club Euro Ch Show; Cardigan Corgis - Judge Steve Hall Dragoon - Can, Fr Ch Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget - Dog CC. Foster - Ch, Multi Int Ch Dragonpatch Big Papa Foster, JW '07, W'07, W '08, JBSG '07, BSG '08, WW '09 - Reserve DCC. Holly - Ch, Slov Ch Floatin' Helen Heilin JWW’10, EUR.W’10 - Bitch CC, BOB, Best in Show, Marge - Nd, Bel, Lux, Slo Ch Llaneirwg Frequent Flyer - Reserve BCC, Llanei’s Waggerland Firestarter Llaneirwg - Best Junior.

National CC Show saw Pekingese judged by Steven Seymour, and Pekehuis Sleevie Wonder went Res. Best Dog, Best Junior  on Day 3, Welsh Cardigan Corgi Club of Netherlands Ch Show: Cardigan Corgis - Judge Margaret, Aynscough, Dragoon - Can, Fr Ch Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget - Dog CC, Best in Show, Toy Breeds Club Ch Show: Pekingese Judge R.Douma, Fury - Pekehuis Sleevie Wonder JEW'11 - Best Junior dog. Chinese Crested - Judge Hans Boelaars, Simon - Ch, Am Ch Chmiel Argoel Next Germanika - DCC, BOB. Day 4, European Dog Show, Cardigan Corgis - Judge Per Iverson, Dragoon - Can, Fr Ch Yasashiikuma Lest We Forget - Dog CC, BOB, Holly - Ch, Slov Ch Floatin' Helen Heilin JWW’10, EUR.W’10 - Bitch CC, Marge - Nd, Bel, Lux, Slo Ch Llaneirwg Frequent Flyer - Reserve BCC, Jojo - Waggerland Drop Dead Gorgeous JWW'11, JEW'11 - Best Junior

Becky Swainston and Nik Buriknell (Emberez Dogue De Bordeauxs) enjoyed a trip over to the Netherlands.  At Rotterdam International Show  the team did a clean sweep, taking all the CACs, RCACs, CACIBs and RCACIBs. Miley won  Best Junior Female and Best Female CAC, Storm won Res Best Female RCAC and CACIB, Nobby won – Best Junior Male, Knox won - Res Best Male RCAC and RCACIB, and Tommy Gun won Best Male, Best of Breed and CAC, CACIB, and then won fourth in the group!

Dutch Champion

Tommy Gun is now a Dutch Champion and Miley is Dutch Youth Champion!

Back over in Leewaurden and it was another great weekend for the team, firstly at the National Show where they did another clean sweep,  taking all the CAC's, RCAC's and Junior Wins! Nobby – Best Junior Male and Best Junior, Miley – Best Junior Female, Tommy – Reserve Best Male, RCAC, Storm – Res Best Female RCAC, Skye – Best Female CAC, and at only 18 months old their young male Knox took Best of Breed CAC and then third in the adult Group 2 from 50 Best of Breed winners!

The  following day Knox again won first place Intermediate Male, Storm first place Open Female and Skye won Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB and became European Champion! She was then shortlisted to the final six from around another 50 breeds in the Group ring. Skye became the only Dogue De Bordeaux to take the title of FCI Centenary Champion, which is a huge honour for them.

Winnie Mee, John Shaw, Maria Francis and Anita Klerks also had a great weekend at the circuit shows with their team of winning Pekingese. Klerks of Femme Fatale at Pekehuis won Best Bitch and CC at the National show.  Then, at the Toy Specialty, she won  Best Bitch, CC and Best of Breed, and was later awarded Best in Show.

on the third day of showing she gained the Bitch CC again, along with her International title. She has now gained titles from the UK, Belgium and Netherlands. Pekehuis Conquest, owned by Shaw, Francis and Mee, also won the open class at all three shows attended, as well as two CCs at the Club show.  Not to be outdone, the bitch,  Akarana Aurora from Pekehuis, bred by Michael Hill,  and owned by Shaw, Francis, Mee and Klerks, won the Junior CC at the Rotterdam show a week earlier, Best Junior in Show and the CC at the first show, Junior CC and Reserve Best Junior at the second show and at the third show, Best Junior in breed and her Junior EUW title! Some very happy owners and breeders there!

Finding Nemo

Mark Andrews and  Jonathan Ledger also had a great time with their fabulous kennel of Pointers.

They took along Nemo, otherwise known as Irish & Centenary Sh Ch Ledgands Magic N Mayhem CEW’11 and a bitch,  Summer. or to give her her full title, Irish/Dutch/Centenary Sh Ch Aurichalcum Miss Tified Ledgands JW Ir Jnr Ch CEW’11. Phew!

The boys (and girl!)  did the double at Dortmund FCI Centenary Winners show May 2011 both days, and at Rotterdam 2011 the double plus Group 7 winner with Summer.

 By now there was no stopping them, and at the FCI Centenary European Winners show at Leeuwarden they did the double again,  making them the only two pointers in the world to achieve the FCI Centenary Show Champion title,

Last, but most certainly not least, at Leeuwarden Dutch National show Summer won Group 7 under judge Mrs Lydia Erhart and a very respectable 3rd BIS under world renowned judge, Mrs Carla Molinari. 

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