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Monday, 11 June 2012

Icelandic KC Summer Show

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At the week-end 2nd and 3rd of June The Icelandic Kennel Club held their summer show with an judges panel including Albert Wight – England, Cathy and Sean Delmar –Ireland, Liliane de Ridder – Belgium and Kitty Sjong – Denmark in extremely nice weather.

The Siberian Mionautur Run Tum Tugger won the group under Albert Wight

At the week-end 2nd and 3rd of June The Icelandic Kennel Club held their summer show with an judges panel including Albert Wight – England, Cathy and Sean Delmar –Ireland, Liliane de Ridder – Belgium and Kitty Sjong – Denmark in extremely nice weather.

There were more dogs than expected according to the chairman, which is very nice as we more often hear about entries going lower than going up.

689 dogs were entered for this well organized show in a nice indoor show venue (a car sales room where all cars were taken out of the shop), and 5 rings with plenty of space both in the rings and the area around were marked.

We all thought we had nice dogs, but no doubt we already had a favourite from the exhibitors Saturday, a Siberian Husky:  Miðnætur Rum Tum Tugger  who won both the breed and the Group under judge Albert Wight.  An absolute fantastic dog to watch, both standing and moving, and the success from Saturday was followed up by Sean Delmar who was doing BIS Sunday and we saw this young dog there again. A very popular winner.

BIS 2nd was a Yorkshire terrier: Rosetopps Icran, 3rd Afghan hound: C.I.B. ISCh Alphaville's Stand By Me, and 4th English Cocker Spaniel: ISShCh Backhills Xtreme And Bold.

On Sunday, I had the pleasure to have the very first Icelandic aspirant for becoming a judge in my ring for Papillon, Phalenes and Tibethean spaniels, Asta Maria Gudbergsdottir.  She did a great job. The Icelandic Kennel Club is working together with the Danish Kennel Klub in educating new young judges in Iceland, and have a number of young people on their way.  Wishing all of them good luck.

I was judging Group 9, and had a very pleasant Cavalier King Charles to win the group: Mjallar Björt, as 2nd a very charming Griffon Bruxellois: ISCh Halastjörnu Gellan hún Gilitrutt, 3rd a Tibetan Spaniel: Tíbráar Tinda Pink Lotus, and as 4th in the group a really nice Danish import, Japanese Chin: ISCh DKCh Roseheaven‘s Laura.

Besides the nice show where there was a really nice atmosphere between the exhibitors we were lucky to see Iceland in some summer days, and the Icelandic Kennel Klub gave us fantastic hospitality.  Thank you so much.

Kitty Sjong

Albert Wight writes….
A couple of years ago my good friend Jean Lanning gave me a call to tell me she had just been to judge in Iceland, that she had enjoyed it enormously, and she had suggested me as a possible future judge, adding that it was a Must Accept invitation despite my loathing of air travel.
And she was right!!!  The Island was not what I expected. Reykjavik is a lovely town, the food was good, the hotel fine, the company outstanding and the entry of 689 dogs was remarkable considering the total population is around 250,000, or half the size of Edinburgh!!  Plus I make special mention of two wonderful ladies, the Secretary of the IKC Valgerour Juliusdottir whose organisational skills are outstanding and the President Jona Th. Vioarsdottir.  Both with a seriously wicked sense of humour, unflappable and great company at dinner.
My co-judges were Kitty Sjong from Denamark, Liliane De Ridder from Belgium and Sean & Cathy Delmar from Eire, with Sean doing BIS.
Amongst the breeds scheduled was the Icelandic Sheepdog  and in a stroke of great fortuity, another very dear friend Ann Hutchison, had sent me the New Zealand K.C. produced NZ Dog World just 3 days before I left for the show, and the feature breed was the Icelandic Sheepdog!!!
I was not judging the breed, other than in the Group, but Sean was and he was thrilled when I casually rattled off all about the breeds special features, ie double dew claws both front and rear, sheltie type head but slightly stronger and with prick ears, plus a tail which is carried very spitz fashion. I then revealed my knowledge source and gave him the magazine for bed time reading!
I have to say the breed is fascinating, wonderful temperaments & characters and in fact one went BPIS under Cathy and every one of us had fallen for it and could have taken it home.
My stint had some strong breeds.  Day 1 began with some absolutely stunning Siberian Huskies – 46 in all!  My BOB was a quite outstanding yearling dog called Mionaetur Rum Tum Tugger which had the best expression I have seen on any of the breed for some time.  The whole package just screamed sheer type and class, his condition and handling was faultless and he never gave up showing for a second.  Sound on the move, I later gave him Group 5 and he went on to win BIS under Sean Delmar.  Funnily enough he was run very close by two other stunning Sibes, Mionaetur Dawn of Eros which was BOS and her brother M. Erotic Eros was Res. CC and one of these was BIS all breeds at the last Ch show!
Chows were a disappointment – one decided not to be handled and the other was a Very Good only.
My Samoyed BOB was simply called Freyja but she had lots of charm, was a lovely size, beautiful head, eyes and ears, well ribbed, correct tail set and carriage and she was in such good bloom.  I loved the little Pomeranian Callwevys Cortland, still a yearling but what a charmer.  Lovely size, fine boned, decent length of leg with neat feet, so short backed, little neck, the sweetest of expressions and so good on the move.  I gave him G2 to the lovely Sibe.
Bullmastiffs were quite poor.  Lacking bone, substance, spring of rib, narrow in chest, and weak in pastern.  There were only seven entered but nothing I could give Excellent quality to.
Four Rottweilers produced a quality 3 year old male for BOB.  Sisco Rubin Don has a good head,  is well bodied and ribbed and is fairly sound.   Too tall for me but he has attributes he could well pass on to the right bitch.
My Boxer BOB was Walkon Icelandic Issue bred in Scotland by Yvonne Miller.  This brindle bitch does score for sheer breed type, she owns a well balanced head, lovely eyes, is balanced in height /length proportions and her side action was more that useful.  I was delighted to see her going G2 under Kitty Sjong.
I began Day 2 with Shelties, only 4 of them.  BOB was a good quality bitch
Sunsweet Look My Way, presented in excellent coat, pretty eyes and neat ears combine to give that soft “sheltie” look and she pleased my in action. My best baby puppy was an absolute sweetie of a s/w bitch called Blafeds Snowflake. Hope she makes the size but she is charm personified  Owned the ring in the breed and wowed the large crowd in the big ring.  Sweet expression, tail correctly carried and it never stopped wagging. Did everything asked of her and many could have taken her home.
Border Collies were really good with the winner standing out for me.  ISShCh Avatar’s Barbed Wire at Bayshore.  B/w out of the top drawer and could win well in the UK.  Stunning head with superb eyes and expression.  Lithe in body, all flowing curves with excellent angulation both ends. His light, free action as he glided around the ring was impressive..  He competed in Group1 which I judged and for me this was the strongest Group of the day for depth of quality.  I awarded him G3, beaten by an impressive tricolour Pem Corgi exported by Liz Cartledge.  Ryslip Celtic Tiger at Craigycor was in fantastic form, wonderful body shape, good length of neck ,lovely bone and feet and what a mover. His backline was rock steady and he is the ultimate showman.  Perhaps his head is a fraction strong for UK, but his eyes and expression were just what I was looking for and he is a big ring performer so deserved his G1 placing.
In that same Group, G2 was a very impressive OES CIB/ISCh Sweet Expression’s Major Catch. I thought  this Brinkly Barnaby son was a joy to go over.  His condition and presentation could not have been bettered and he is sop eye-catching in stance and has an air of class..  Beautiful headpiece with strong muzzle, long neck, well ribbed, very good hindquarters and lovely side action.
BOB in L/Haired  Rabbit Teckels was Arbaejar Mia and in  Miniatures Arbaejar Nokkvi.
Only 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but  a nice red bitch Lioncharm African Awena has lots to admire and came into her own on the move, showing balance and power.  I admired her head, eyes and expression and she never put a foot wrong.   She was my winner of the combined Groups 4/6.
The beagle Skotta, was alone but worthy of the certificate.  Lovely size, well shaped, in excellent body and muscle tone, coat gleaming, well set tail and sound if a bit short stepping.
There were  12 Chinese Crested and I had a comfortable BOB winner in  a puppy bitch Dare to Better Than the Rest!!  How’s that for optimism?! She is lovely, long lean head, clean throated, very good eyes, so well ribbed, verty good bend of stifle, well set and carried tail and her crest is already very evident.  Could finish very well.
Chiuahuas are popular, with 14 smooth coats and 20 longs.
The BOB s/c was an absolute charmer called ISCh. Perluskins Cairo Pablo. This is one really good example of the breed. Classic headpiece, such beautiful eyes, large, expressive and full of fire.  His ears are a good  size and shape, lovely neck, firm little body, perfectly set and carried flat tail and still struts his stuff with such confidence and self belief.  He is 9 years old but I’m sure in his youth would have waltzed to a UK title.  In longs my BOB was a 2½  year old male Stekkur Edward Zidane which had that certain cocky air about him, owning a lovely head with good eyes and ears, again well boded with a decent length of rib, correct tail and one of those which just shows off when sent around the ring.
The main ring winners were:

G1 The Pem Corgi Ryslip Celtic Tiger at Craigycor (Albert Wight (AW)
G2 Min Pin Eolsteins Kleopatra – judge Kitty Sjong
G3 Yorkshire Terrier Rosetopps Icran – judge  Cathy Delmar
Groups 4 & 6 My Ridgeback Lioncharm African Awena (AW)
G5  the Siberian Mionautur Run Tum Tugger (AW)
G7  Hungarian Sh/Haired Pointing Dog Holtabergs Astor – judge Sean Delmar
G8 Cocker Spaniel ISSCh Backhillks Xtreme and Bold – Liliane de Ridder
G9 CKCS Mjaller Bjort – judge Kitty Sjong
G10 Afghan Hound CIB/ISCh Alphaville’s Stand By Me – Cathy Delmar
Best Baby puppy Day 1 – Icelandic Sheepdog Snaetinda Vaka – Cathy Delmar - pictured

Best Baby puppy D2 – Sheltie Blafields Snowflake
BIS the Siberian Husky
BIS2 the Yorkshire Terrier
BIS3 the Afghan.
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