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Friday, 27 January 2012

Milan '12

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PHOTO Gabor Szalanczi BIS judged by Kornelia Butrimova, Lithuania, BIS3 to the Cirneco dell Etna, the Reserve BIS to the Chihuahua, and the BIS went  to the Pastoral winner,  the Welsh Corgi...

PHOTO Gabor Szalanczi BIS judged by Kornelia Butrimova, Lithuania, BIS3 to the Cirneco dell Etna, the Reserve BIS to the Chihuahua, and the BIS went  to the Pastoral winner,  the Welsh Corgi,  Andvol Pinkerton, owned by Olga Shuvalova (RUS), handled by Olga Shilova. 

Photos by Gabor Szalanczi

14-15 January 2012

The start of the Italian show season is always the famous Milan International Dog Show, on 14-15th of January.
Held in the New Fiera Milano-Rho complex, in two halls (out of 20), the exhibition area is very big with all the halls in rows. The traffic situation of the show area is very good, beside two very important motorways, and contact to the Milan city with underground metro line. Ideal for visitors.

Unfortunately, this same weekend there were two more shows not too far away; in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and in Nuremberg (Germany); Milan show this year was not the Crufts qualification show in Italy, for this reason the 2555 entry number was not too bad. There were more special shows and an agility competition too so all weekend we had about 4000 dogs in the exhibition halls. 
The show was held in 2 large exhibition halls, opened into one; this larger space accommodated all the judging rings, agility ring, trade stands and main ring. The principal sponsor was Royal Canin and the show was decorated in their traditional red and white colours. All rings were fully covered with red carpets. 
The Special Shows held at the event – Raduno – are very important, because for the Italian Champion title you need to win at Raduno shows. The judging panel of the show in general contained more Italians than usual, more than the half of the judges were home judges. The most popular breeds of the show were: Labrador Retriever 35 entries, Golden Retrievers 38, Jack Russel Terrier 35, Weimaraner 57, American Stafforshire Terrier 60, Chihuahua Smooth 44, Rottweiler 64, Great Dane 52, Bulldog 57, French Bulldog 55.
Each day had 5 groups, Saturday were the Terriers, Sleddogs and Primitive Types, Scenthounds, Gundogs, Spaniels and Retrievers. The following groups were judged on Sunday: Pastoral dogs, Molossoids and Working Dogs, Dachshunds, Companion dogs, and Sighthounds.
Both days also featured a Best Italian Breed dog; the first day winner was Cy’era Marsala di Hadranensis, Cirneco dell Etna, bred and owned by Jane Moore (I). Best Puppy was Whitetan Mowgli, Jack Russel Terrier, bred and owned by the Whitetan kennel (I). Best Junior was a Basset Hound, Bassjoy Night of Love Terra dei Templari, bred by the Bassjoy kennel, owned by the Terra dei Templari kennel (I). Best Veteran was Ludstar Quality, Gordon Setter, bred by the Ludstar kennel, owned by Gabriella Segato (I).
The Terrier Group judged by Javier Sanchez Fernandez (E), third was a Yorkshire Terrier, a runner up a Wels, and the winner was the American Stafforshire, Eminent Emerald of Draft Raptors, bred by Boros Brigitta (H), owned by Piergiorgio Lievore (I).
The 5th group judged by Claudio de Giuliani, the 3rd was a Pomeranian, 2nd an Alaskan Malamute, and the first was the dog, who already won once, Cy’era Marsala di Hadranensis, the Cirneco dell Etna, bred and owned by Jane Moore (I).
Franco Ferrari judged the scenthound Group, third was a Dalmatian, second a Rhodesian ridgeback, and the winner was a Basset Hound, Wherever You Will Go Della Terra Dei Templari, bred and owned by the Terra Dei Templari kennel (I), handled by Francesco Vasanella.
The Group 7 judged by Lisbeth Mach (CH), she gave the 3rd place to the Bracco Italiano, second to Weimaraner, and the winner was Ludstar Don Corleone Gordon Setter, bred by Michele Ivaldi, owned by Ludovica Salamon (I).
The G8 judged by Andras Korozs (H), he gave the 3rd to Lagotto Romagnolo, the 2nd to the Labrador Retriever, and winner was an American Cocker Spaniel, Evangeline N Acadia's Chip off the Ole Rock, bred and owned by Renee Guidry (I).
The Sunday winners were: Best Italian Breed winner this day was a Bergamasco Hido dei Lupercali, bred by Dei Lupercali kennel, owned by Pierluigi Colombo (I). The Best Puppy was a miniature dog, Rosslijllnau del Wanhelsing, Kaninchen Wire Dachshund, bred and owned by the Del Wanhelsing kennel (I). The Best Junior was a Sighthound,  Azamour Palmyra Azawakh, bred and owned by Francesca Zampini (I).
The Best Veteran was Berger de Brie, Terriblybelove delle Nebbie Di Avalon, bred and owned by the Nebbie Di Avalon kennel (I).
In the Group of Pastoral dogs the 3rd was the Berger de Brie, the 2nd was a Bearded Collie, and the winner was a Russian guest, Andvol Pinkerton Welsh Corgi Pembroke, bred by Andziyanov and Volkova, owned by Olga Shuvalova (RUS).
The second Group judged by Javier Sanchez Fernandez, the third was a Middle Asian Ovcharka, reserve was a Bernese Moiuntain Dog, and the winner a Bullmastiff bitch, I Bravi Ragazzi Bye Bye Baby  bred and owned by the I Bravi Ragazzi kennel (I).
The Dachshund group judged by a Russian expert, Andrei Klishas, he gave the 3rd to Min. Wire, the 2nd to the Standard Smooth, and the winner was a Wire Kaninchen, Vittakerdoolar del Wanhelsing Kaninchen Wire Dachshund, bred by Del Wanhelsing kennel, owned by Del Wanhelsing kennel (I)
The Companion dogs’ group evaluated by Pietro Paolo Condo, the 3rd was Min, Black Poodle, the reserve the Coton de Tuela, and the 1st was the smooth Chihuahua Music Velvet Francisco Duval, bred by Francesco Nuzzo, owned by Raffaella Gozzi (I).
The Sighthound group judged by Yana Gavrilova (RUS), the 3rd was a Whippet, second an Afghan, and the winner was Azawakh, Azamour Ayman, bred and owned by Francesca Zampini (I).
Sunday were more specialities, too, with the biggest club show the of CIRN, the Club of Nordic Breeds; they held a special show with more than 120 entries, and CIRN had time in the main ring of the show to present their BIS programme. The BIS winner was a Siberian Husky, a champion bitch, Cryout Nothing Sweet About Me, bred and owned by the Cryout kennel.
The BIS title was given out after 6pm on Sunday with the BIS judged by Kornelia Butrimova, Lithuania. She gave the BIS3 to the Cirneco dell Etna, the reserve BIS to the Chihuahua, and the BIS went to the Pastoral winner, the Welsh Corgi, Andvol Pinkerton, owned by Olga Shuvalova (RUS), handled by Olga Shilova a familiar figure winning on the European scene.
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