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Saturday, 26 March 2011 00:00

Luxembourg Spring 2011

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After a slight drop back last year the record entry of 2009 (5,487) was almost reached again this year with 5,484 dogs. At this show you can see...

After a slight drop back last year the record entry of 2009 (5,487) was almost reached again this year with 5,484 dogs. At this show you can see 244 different breeds and they come from near and far to compete here.

France was best represented with 1,667 dogs, Germany follows with 1,141, then Belgium with 1031 and then the Netherlands with 637. These four countries represent almost 82% of the dogs. However, Switzerland and the Czech Republic both had 99 dogs here and Russia 69.

The United Kingdom had 24 dogs entered, Ireland 17, Sweden 15 and Finland 15 too.
Interesting were the two entries from the United States, the two from Peru and the single entries from South Africa and Mexico.

Mexico had its national breed entered, the Xoloitzquintle (Mexican Hairless) who won Group 5. Coming from so far can be worth the effort.

Entry breakdown and busy judges!

The 37 judges this year were a selection from 19 different countries, well chosen as usual. There are some that judge only one day or just one breed. This was the case with Norbert Daube who was invited from Germany to judge the 96 Dobermans. Mrs.Ginetta Hufschmidt from Switzerland was in the same position and had 97 Boxers in her ring.

On Sunday Jan Roger Sauge from Norway, judged the 106 English Cocker Spaniels. From the judges who judged on both days there are as always certain who have remarkable numbers. Kornelija Butrimova from Lithuania, for example with 96 entries on Saturday and 93 on Sunday she was a very busy person that weekend. Ole Staunskjaer from Denmark, a popular and well known judge, had 102 on Saturday and judged the 100 Labradors on Sunday. Besides that he was also the BIS judge. Juan Neveda Carrero from Spain shared the Golden Retreivers with Nicola Imbimbo from Italy, 80 for Juan and 72 for Nicola and by that the most popular breed of the show. Carl Gunnar Stafberg from Sweden had the day record on Sunday with 132 entries, all the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Miodrag Vretenicic from Montenegro was the record holder of the weekend with 120 dogs on Saturday and 107 on Sunday including 65 Siberian Huskies. Carsten Birk from Denmark shared the Newfoundlanders on Saturday with Myriam Vermeire from Belgium, 65 and 64 respectively. Carsten had 83 French Bulldogs to judge on Sunday and Myriam took the 107 Aussies for her account. Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland is a regular judge on this show and popular too. She had the 82 English Bulldogs on Saturday and a nice entry of 84 Rhodesians. Des and Joyce Manton from Ireland were a very good investment for this show. They judged a number of breeds and took almost 6,5% of the dogs for their account, a total of 352 dogs.

Joyce had a remarkable number of 70 Briards on Sunday. The judges from Luxemburg are always appreciated too. Paul Jentgen had 63 Beagles and a total number of 169 dogs over both days. Laurent Heineshe had 156 and a very good number of Salukis, 40! Popular breeds were present in high numbers. Mr Hans Jungblut from Germany had 80 Bull Terriers, including the Miniatures, on Saturday and 66 Chihuahua’s on Sunday. The Swiss White Shepherd is starting to become very popular too. The 58 specimens were judged on Sunday by Anatoli Zhuk from Belorussia, thus bringing his score that day to 108.

Another breed is the Chinese Crested. Annika Ulltveit-Moe from Sweden had an entry of 67 on Sunday. The 52 Pugs were a job for Jean-François Vanaken from Belgium who judged this breed only. The Dachshunds were well represented with 180 Specimen. Tanja Backes from Germany judged the 78 Standards, Jose Hemom de Mello from Portugal took the 72 Miniatures for his account and the 30 Kaninchen were assigned to Ruth Wagner from Luxemburg. It is impossible to mention every breed and every judge for a show of this size, but I need to mention the surprising number of 106 English Cocker Spaniels who all showed up for Jan Roger Sauge from Norway.

There is usually little to say about the show, well organised by an experienced team. The concept of the catalogue is an example to many shows and of course, the professional selection of the judges is reflected in the huge success and popularity of the show itself. I had the impression that the stand holders were happy with their sales in general as the public interest was rather high.

The Groups and BIS

As mentioned earlier Mr Ole Staunskjaer from Denmark was appointed to judge the BIS program. Except for the Dachshunds all Group winners were present. In Luxemburg all the dogs go back in the pre-judging ring and the three winning dogs are called back one by one in the arena. The first one to come back for the third place was the Black Miniature Poodle, Definitive Cherish Allure Exotique. This bitch is owned by Lucy Paterno from Italy and is now little over four years old.

Allure was entered in Champions Class to be judged by Istvan Csik from Germany. She had strong competition as there were no less than 34 competitors in her color and 59 in her size. Mrs Kornelija Butrimova judged the group and gave the ticket for the BIS competition. Another black dog was on terms then. The Puli Cordmaker Hurdy Gurdy ran into the main ring now.

This was also a bitch, almost five years old and owned by Bodil Rüsz & Sue Huebner from Denmark and also entered in Champions Class. The ticket was awarded by Miklos Levente from Hungary who also judged the Group. The last one to run into the main ring was another black small bitch, the winner of Group 2, the Miniature Black Schnauzer, Tajinastes Perla Negra and also entered in Champions Class under Judge Juan Naveda Carrero from Spain. Lisbeth Mach awarded the ticket for the Group. This dog still had cropped ears and tail and I must admit that is was already an unfamiliar sight for me since uncropped dogs are more common here. Perla Negra is little over five years old, bred in Spain by Pedro Luis Martin del Rio Alvarez but now living in Italy.

A beautiful dog, without any doubt, but it gives me mixed feelings. The cropped ears and tail make this dog look more or less exceptional nowadays and could have set back the chances of dogs that are not cropped. Cropped ears in my view add to the impression of being more alert and fierce. Anyway, Perla Negra is a real black pearl in every way and a worthy winner of this prestigious show.

Date change:

As the European Show in Leeuwarden is held on the regular date of the Autumn edition of Luxemburg, postponed to 5 and 6 November.

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